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Saturday, November 21, 2020
No, I don't want a $1,000 PS5

I am not sure yet whether I will ever buy a Playstation 5. I didn't buy the PS4, but I did own a PS3. I already own a Nintendo Switch, and I might actually be more interested in a Nintendo Switch Pro, for better performance and battery life. So while I was not particularly looking for a PS5, I couldn't help but notice the news that it is basically impossible to buy one. Even a Belgian consumer advice TV show reported the news that prices on Ebay are $1,000 and more.

That looks to me like a huge failure for Sony. Not only were they unable to make as many consoles as there is demand for, they also failed to put systems in place where scalpers couldn't buy large numbers of the console for resale at inflated prices. And Microsoft isn't doing much better with new Xboxes.

Other than the Switch, which not only has more exclusive games, but also a unique sales proposition as dual-purpose mobile console, it becomes harder and harder to justify buying a console. Buying a $1,000 PC is clearly a better deal than buying a $1,000 PS5 or Xbox X. Consoles are only cheaper than PCs if there is sufficient supply in the stores. If you can't find the console you want on Amazon, you are probably better off not buying one at all.

Would like to to replace my eight year old pc but... It's impossible to find a new gpu from either Nvidia or AMD.

Also, the new consoles offer ridiculous value, you can't build a similar pc for even €1000:

Still, can't buy a ps5 either as they had maybe a thousand to provide the millions of peoplr in Belgium or the Netherlands. It's a paper launch I ever saw one.
"That looks to me like a huge failure for Sony."

Seriously? In the same paragraph where you mention you saw that on Belgian TV? It's bad news for Sony that demand for their new console is so high people are willing to pay $1000 for one and it's making international news?

You don't think this is all part of the promotional cycle? What's the lifespan of a games console generation? Five years? It's a "huge failure" to pump up the hype to insane levels at the start of that cycle by severely restricting availability, knowing you have the capacity to satisfy that demand over time?

It looks like a well-planned and well-executed marketing strategy to me.
I am in the same boat. I'd love to upgrade my GPU but it seems impossible to find any of the new Nvidia or AMD GPUs.
Sony isn't restricting availability, they simply haven't gotten anywhere near producing enough to meet demand. If they had produced a hundred times more machines, they would have sold too.

Lucky for them, Microsoft is in the same boat.
It isn't just too much demand.
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