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Saturday, September 04, 2021
Do you want to win a lot of RPG and board games?

It is in the very nature of lotteries that your chances of winning are slim. But when you can enter a lottery for free, a slim chance to win big isn't all that bad. There is a Giveaway action to win a Complete 5E Book Collection + Any 3 Boardgames You Want + Tanares RPG. Tanares RPG is a Kickstarter project for 5E compatible RPG books, and as a promotion for that, Dragori Games is doing this giveaway lottery. You can improve your chances of winning by watching some YouTube videos, and by spreading the word, which is what I am doing with the link above. So the more people click on that link, the higher my chances of getting about a cubic meter of game material. Then you can create and publish your own link, and we have a nice pyramid scheme going. :) But seriously, the link gives a lot less "lottery tickets" than the YouTube videos, so those are probably your best bet.

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