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Friday, September 30, 2005
WoW Journal - 30-September-2005

I had a lot of fun yesterday doing PvP, which is unusual. Some days earlier I did Arathi Basin with pickup groups, and it wasn't fun at all. But last night we formed a raid group between our guild and another guild we are allied with, and went to Arathi Basin as a guild group. And that was a lot more fun. We won twice against Alliance pickup groups, and lost twice against the Alliance elite PvP team. Even the losses were fun, because you still get quite some honor for killing a Field Marshall in epic armor, and in the second battle we only lost by a small margin of 1840 to 2000, so at least we made them sweat a bit.

The one advantage those PvP battles had over dungeon raids was that it was perfectly possible to play without healers. In one battle of 15 players we had zero priests, zero druids, and just 2 shamans. You wouldn't raid UBRS with such a group, but on the battlegrounds we did okay. You die often, and resurrect a maximum of 30 seconds later.

That smoothly brings me from World of Warcraft to City of Heroes / Villains. One advantage of CoH over WoW is that your options of forming a group with people of whatever class and whatever level are much broader. And it seems that CoV will be the "next big thing" for my guild. So I already reinstalled CoH, and am considering resubscribing to that, to get back into the controls etc. before CoV comes out. WoW still is fun as long as I can group with my guild, but that happens less and less often. And I'm already bored of soloing my priest, and still have 27 levels to go before 60. I'll just see how all of this is working out.
Are you not tempted to respec and get mortal strike before you leave and test the warriors PvP aspects out?
I had mortal strike for months, before they changed the warrior talent tree and made the other branches more viable.

Furthermore I'm not sure I need mortal strike for doing PvP. My defence spec seemed to work well enough. Particularly funny is fighting against paladins. In defensive stance I can fight two paladins and defend a flag forever. Even three paladins waste a lot of time before they are able to kill me. I know the whole WoW PvP system is rigged to reward damage dealing more than defence, but as I'm playing PvP only for fun, not to achieve ranks, I have the freedom to look at the larger picture. A good defence in Arathi Basin wins battles.
Cya in CoV then :)
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