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Tuesday, January 24, 2006
More WoW at 60

Gamespy has a "WoW at 60" page listing the major quests and dungeons to do at level 60 in World of Warcraft. Seems to be a hot issue at the moment, showing that more and more casual players reach level 60, and feel kind of lost there, due to not having the time and social network required for raiding.

I still think Blizzard should introduce advanced character classes, encouraging you to start over with a new character class, which only opens up when you reach level 60 with one standard character. Final Fantasy XI does something similar, though there the advanced classes open up from quests performed at level 30, and work with their class switch system.
I almost died laughing reading this page.

You can bring a horse to water but you can't make him drink. He has to be thirsty and I doubt many casual gamers are thirsty for 40 man raids, PvP grinding, faction grinding, or wasting time farming.

Blizzards idea of end game content is nothing but grinds. Its sad really.

They know casual gamers are there for box sales and the grind is only to hook a subscription for those willing to pay each month.
I kind of agree, but as usual I wouldn't formulate it as negative. WoW is a game in which at level 60 the game transforms from fun to grind, true. But if you compare that to other games, the grind in the other games starts a lot earlier than that. Getting to level 25 carpenter in EQ2 was already a big grind. Getting past level 10 or 20 in EQ was a grind.

The unusual quality of World of Warcraft is that the grind starts as late as level 60. Plus all forecasts are that the Burning Crusade expansion further pushes back the grind to level 70. That is a lot of fun content before you hit the wall.

Nothing lasts forever, especially not the fun in a game.
Well what I don't understand is WHY does being lvl 60 HAVe to be a grind? Why doesn't Blizzrd make fun mostly solo quest chains with a nice reward at the end??? The Quest chains could be long. But I like quest chains cause they switch it up for you and break down the goals/farming in smaller chunks. I don't like this farm 10,000 Xmobs to gain fraction.

or raid InstanceX 50 times over and over again to get uber armor.

That get's REALLY old fast. I get bored if I see the same thing too many times. Thats why lvling to 60 was pretty fun because you moved to a new area every 5-10 lvls and that kept the game interesting.

But even after I have seen them all mixing up the 60 experience by giving us some fun solo quest chains would be really nice.But after looking at that page I see like only 6 quest chains and the rest is all raid stuff! Oh. Maybe I'll wait til lthe expansion. I might quit for a few months till it comes out.
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