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Wednesday, March 15, 2006
How to get tier 0.5 items

Stratics has a nice report from some player on the Test Realm on how the quests for getting the tier 0.5 items will work. The first part is pretty standard, you do some quests, farm some quest drop items, hand in some cash and looted/crafted items and you get your tier 0.5 bracers first, then the belt and the gloves.

Next step involves going to Stratholme in a 5-man group and killing the Baron in less than 45 minutes.

I think that is the step at which the majority of people will get stuck. My last Stratholme raid took 90 minutes to the Baron, with 10 players. Even if they remove half of the trash mobs on the way, I don't see how you could do it in under 45 minutes. Except of course if you have a top-notch team in epic gear, but then why would you want to go questing for tier 0.5 items?

Fortunately both Raslebol and Kyroc have the tier 0 bracers and belt (Valor and Devout), so I can do at least the first part. I think the general idea of Blizzard is that people will have to go several times in a 5-man group to Stratholme to find their tier 0 items, so by the time they need to do the 45-minutes Baron run, they are well trained in handling the place. But still I think 45 minutes is extremely challenging, many people on the test realms say that it is impossible to do. And I generally dislike quests with a time limit, I'd rather do things methodically than rush them. The tier 0.5 quests being a series, you can't even skip that part, if you don't succeed in the timed run you won't be able to get more than 3 tier 0.5 items. If you have all 8 tier 0 items, you even need to consider that you could end up with two half sets, thus much diminished set bonuses.

Basically the tier 0.5 quest series addresses only half of the problem. It was advertised as being for the casual player, who doesn't have the time to spend 4+ hours in a row in Molten Core. Doing Stratholme in 45 minutes is good for players with little time, provided they have hardcore skills and organization. For a casual player in a pickup group that is way too hard.
The diminished set bonus is +8 res all so that doesn't bother me too much. It's an okay bonus but nothing terribly crucial.

As for the 45 min. Baron Run, once players figure it out (and some have already) and get it down to a science, it won't prove too much of an obstacle. It may hold up some people a little, making them attempt it 2-3 times perhaps, but they'll get it in the end. Heck, I've already found a map someone did to explain how to do the 45 min. Baron Run. (I can link it for you if you like, but I won't do so until asked - I have a feeling you may want to try and figure it out on your own or such.)

What bothers me a bit more are the quest elements involved in obtaining the 0.5 set. That is, some of the quests require outdoor killing and/or farming. I challenge you to accomplish that within the first week or two after 1.10 comes out. Some of the quests require crafted items. I challenge you to find them on the AH for less than twice their current going price during the first few weeks. Some of the quests require a nice sink of gold, on the order of 50-100g. (Not in total, just partial.) For some people that's a significant investment. Then, if you don't already have your boe set pieces before 1.10 hits, I challenge you to find them on the AH for less than twice their current going rate. Yes, a lot of this is market forces in reaction to the new quests but it's going to be rotten for a while, until everyone calms down.

Since I've started raiding MC with my new guild, the only thing I plan on doing with the 0.5 for my 'lock is getting the bracers. I don't need the gloves (yay Felheart!) and the belt is only a minor upgrade (from Thuzadin Sash), one that I can easily avoid considering the additional investment (significant) it would take to obtain the belt & gloves.


But I do like the non-0.5 item changes in 1.10. My Trindlehaven Staff will look a lot nicer and more usable.
I'd love the link to the "Baron in 45 minutes" map. I can still decide not to use it if I want. :)
Here ya go!¤t=StratholmePath.jpg

I've taken to using a thread on my guild's forum for posting info on 1.10 Dungeon2 info so I have it all readily at hand. ;-) (Stupid Blizzard post-deleting forums!)
Weird. The character after "view" is supposed to be an ampersand (shift-7).¤t=StratholmePath.jpg

I find the 45-minute run a strange choice, and one that will surely be nerfed down to 60 minutes or more. Catch-22, those who are good enough and well-equipped enough to do this don't need to do it, and those who need to do it don't have the stats to power through in 45 minutes.
Just one quick comment about the blog entry. There will be no diminishing set bonuses for partial sets as long as you have an even number of pieces from each set. Blizzard has "reveresed" the set bonuses for the upgrade set, such that you get the old 8 piece set bonus at 2 pieces. So if you have 4/8 beaststalker and 4/8 beastmaster, you get the same set bonuses as if you had 8/8 beaststalker. Its the ONLY clever thing Blizzard has done with these armor sets, though of course they did it by nerfing the item set bonuses into the ground. Yay?
Blizzard is retarded. They don't and never will care about the casual crowd unless it means that you are at the store buying a box.
Graktar, there are "dimished" set bonuses for partial sets if you're at an odd count, e.g. 3 Deathmist and 5 Dreadmist. And considering the way the quests for the first 3 pcs are set up, *many* players will be at 3x0.5 and 5x0.0 for a while. (Or at 1x0.5 and 7x0.0 -- all assuming they have the full set.)
Alan, yeah I know. I was just responding to the comment about two "half" sets resulting in diminished bonuses. If you actually had two half sets you'd notice no difference in set bonuses. You're quite correct that the way the quests are set up make it unlikely you'd end up with an even number though.

I'm actually looking forward to the challenge of the 45 min strat run (my main is blues) but the rest of the quest series sounds like pure drudgery. Why do I keep paying for this game?
Rats in a maze? Mice on a wheel? It keeps me warm on lonely nights? All of the above? ;-)
and where is the quest giver?
and where is the quest giver?

In Thrall's chamber, as far as I know for Horde. No idea for Alliance.
blizzard never said these sets where for casuals, more for people who like doing things solo rather than in 40 man raids.
it's for intense loaners
omfg, why do i see lamers post, 45 is to hard? only well geared people can do it....

EXACTLY, thats the point.

its not for a No0B to gain easy epics....... you have to do sumthing for it, and NO it does not require full epics.... it requires SKILL... L2P

omfg, why do i see lamers post, 45 is to hard? only well geared people can do it....

EXACTLY, thats the point.

its not for a No0B to gain easy epics....... you have to do sumthing for it, and NO it does not require full epics.... it requires SKILL... L2P

lol! Wow, this 13 year old with l33t SK1LLZ pwn'ed you all!
I'm afraid some people linked to this blog post from the WoW forums, and I got some of the more typical WoW forum l33t d00dz visiting here.

I'm still laughing about the "only well geared people can do it" part, because it is at the same time so true, and so stupid. You can do the quest series easily if you have tier 1 armor, but then why would you want to go after the tier 0.5 set?
Hi Tobold. I remember you from the MtGO days. Been a while.

As for 45 minute Baron, the important aspect is organization and skill, not necessarily gear. Gear helps, of course, but it's not critical.

My guild has been running MC for a couple of months now. A few weeks ago, after an MC run, a few of us got together to do a "quick" UD Strat run, for a guildie who needed Stitchings. Being that it was getting late, everyone had incentive to do it fast. The group is geared with mostly tier 0 set pieces or alteratives from DM with a couple of MC quality pieces tossed in. The group consisted of two priests, a mage, a warrior, and a rogue.

We chain pulled and alternated healing. One priest was drinking and the other was healing at all times. The warrior pulled the next group as soon as he saw the priest was out of combat, sitting down to drink. Everyone knew what Strat was like, every mob location and path, and their jobs at every pull. It was smooth. We reached the slaughterhouse in 25 minutes.

I'm not saying that this would be simple for a casual player, however. If you have better gear, you can afford to make more mistakes. On the flip side, knowledge and execution make up for the lack of gear. In such a game, knowledge and the ability to execute comes with repetition. I've been to UD Strat with my various characters more times than I care to remember. The question remains whether a truely casual player will have the time and the patience to do a dungeon over and over again until such time that he is experienced enough to do it in such a short time. I think it is more likely that the casual player would get bored with the repetition and go off to do some other stuff.
You forget one thing. These people had to run Schol, UBRS, Strath and what ever else many, many times before they go there drops. Yes there are the rare exceptions for those who got there gear on the first few kills. We had a Loc in our guild that got nearly all his Tier 0 in one night doing PUG’s. or so he says… but it took me (Lightforge) about 20 to 30 runs each for my Helm and Leggings, about 15-20 runs each for my Boots and Chest, and about 7 runs for my Shoulders. From what I understand my experience is the norm for getting your blue set pieces. My point is, if you have your full (or nearly full) tier 0 set pieces, I wouldn’t consider you a noob.
I could almost be a poster child for casual gamer. Most weeks I can only get on during the weekend... weeknights leave me to tired after long work hours.

I'm always drooling over the epics people wear, and when I read that I too could possibly get my hands on some, I got very excited.

It's taken me a while, but I have just finished collecting all my Dreadmist, so I started looking into converting them to Deathmist. I found this guide ( ) via google... and after reading through all of that I nearly cried. How do they expect someone who gets maybe 10 hours a week to play, to do all that!
try this link

i made it and some feedback would be useful
The YouTube video linked to above is about somebody playing on an illegal private emulated server, soloing Stratholme with a level 255 character. While a solo-player one-shotting boss mobs is amusing, that doesn't really help the rest of us who are playing on the legal Blizzard servers, where we can't just simply increase our level by pressing a button.

I never understood what was the point of these single-player god mode WoW servers. Its like beating a single-player game in god mode: You get to see everything, but you can't really claim you won, because you cheated.
"How do they expect someone who gets maybe 10 hours a week to play, to do all that!"

With patience
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