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Saturday, February 24, 2007
BBC Review of LotRO

The BBC News published a review of Lord of the Rings Online. Quote: "The final verdict is that Lotro is a compelling alternative to other online games - it looks great, feels familiar and its in-game systems seem well thought out." I totally agree.
Tobold have you preordered yet? have a nice offer, just posted about it...regarding early exclusive access to the game. It has convinced me to keep my preorder for now.
I can't believe the "exclusive", because it looks like the normal founders preorder from LotRO. And for this item doesn't deliver outside of the UK. :(
Well for UK players I don't think we get the option to order the founders preorder(US only?)...maybe this offer unique to UK players?

On another note, have you looked over Warhammer Online yet?
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