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Saturday, February 24, 2007
Half a million visitors

Sitemeter informs me that I just passed the half-a-million visitor mark. Incredible how this blog's readership has grown. I'm always fascinated how such growth seems to be exponential, you start small, get some links, that makes you move up in Google search results, and you get more and more visitors, creating more and more links. If this continues I'll hit one million before the end of the year.
You qrite maturely, have great insights, and don't let the game rule your life. :)

Simply put, you're an inspiration to bloggers. Heck, I'm trying to follow in your footsteps by trying to make my own azerothian blog.

Truth be told, I need it for the ad supported extra income, but talking about WoW and other things would also be worthwhile. Ever sent anything in to the Escapist magazne? (
It's amazing and only one comment so far ? Talk about silent majority. Anyhow I find your taste in games quite akin to mine which is great seeing as you have obviously more time on your hands than I to try all the MMORPG's. I'm currently sticking to WOW though until LOTRO takes over then I'll have a look into that. I only have time for one to play though. I hope you are planning to look into Age of Conan as well.

So is that 'Revered' or 'Exalted' with The Internet yet? I could never remember which way round those go. Good work!
I think Tobold is Exalted by now. You were where I am now back last April. I wonder if if takes off like this for every site with a normal reader base and decent content because of SE usage.

Congrats again.
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