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Tuesday, February 27, 2007
Mischiefblog on Vanguard

I'm not playing Vanguard : Saga of Heroes, because the beta didn't convince me, and I found it released too soon, in an unfinished state. But to keep some "coverage" up on that game, I'll link to what others say about the game. Here are the first impressions on Vanguard from Mischiefblog. Who finds the game, surprise, surprise, to be unfinished. News to me was that the servers aren't stable either, which is surprising, because I don't think the game has all that many players.

If anyonone has seen a Vanguard blog review that is really, really excited about the game, please link it in the comments. Up to now I'm only finding the same story everywhere, and that story doesn't sound good.
I don't know of any blog posts, but i know someone who's playing it, and won't shut up about it. Even when it crashes the yammering never stops.
I haven't posted anything since my beta review of the game. Still gathering my thoughts about it.
Just bought Vanguard to try it. I feel the same way. Game mechanics seem slow and jerky from running and jumping to arm movements and fighting. And it's not the fault of the top end system i'm using. I haven't found a 3dMark or test that could bog the computer down.

I didn't care for the quest system either and after the first series in the first town, I had no clue where to go next. The quest giver said to find some trainer at a building to the north... the only thing north was miles of water and searching the islands north of the one I was on got me nothing but empty spaces and bugged out slow walking and an open "/say" box that I couldn't get rid of. At that point I turned it off and went back to doing Black Morass runs for rep.
im Konnor from ORC

I play Vanguard as my main MMORG now - and I guess I must have been lucky as Im now a level 19 Bard and I've had no problems whatsoever with stability / hardly any lag at all / tons of stuff to do (too many quests on occasions).

I play on a pvp server so maybe that thrill of that is adding something more to the game?, but for me Vanguard is the best MMORG out there - I uninstalled WoW and my EQ2 characters are not getting anywhere near the playtime they used to get :)
Thanks Geregor. Although one of those links also lead me to the very negative Vanguard Anti-review at GamersWithJobs.

I think every MMORPG has its problems, and if for some reason the game "clicks" with you, you are able to overlook quite a lot of them.
After 2 weeks of waiting, my friends power supply finally made it in from California; which adds the final touch to his PC upgrades that were needed to install VG.

Tomorrow I get the big Vanguard preview so perhaps I will have more to say than "others don't like it".
Tobold, that is not a review. That was a writer with a preconceived bias who wanted to prove Vanguard is not a WoW killer. Frankly, anyone who is confused by the dot rating systems on mobs is not bright enough to play it.
"I think every MMORPG has its problems, and if for some reason the game "clicks" with you, you are able to overlook quite a lot of them."

This is very true. I played Auto Assault for 6 months after release, to back up your claim. I still check in on it from time to time, only to be disappointed.
To be fair, the "dot" rating system is obtuse, unintuitive, and arbitrary. Not to say that it's particularly difficult to learn, but it's nonetheless a clunky and somewhat poor design.

Vanguard in my experience seems to cater much more to "self-directed" sorts of players, rather than people who want to log in and have some fun. Me, I'll stick with WoW for now.
Skipping Vanguard, Skipping LotRO.
Stick with WoW for now.
Next up test: Tabula Rasa, Warhammer Online.
Vanguard ... Great Game. I'm having loads of fun. After playing WoW for over 2 years , i was in need of a challenging game again. Thanks to Sigil and Team for Providing that!
I've really enjoyed my vanguard expereince..I left wow because I felt that I'd done it all and was looking for a new world to explore. The vanguard game world is absolutely beautiful and huge and there seems to be something nifty around every corner. And I think the promise of the name - the "evolution" is actually there..combat and healing have so many new advanced aspects to and house are in at release and being built..while I've never played a diplomacty charecter I've benefited from the city buffs which are nifty and seen people running around completing the dip quests..

The game really works, its beautiful and thus, for me fun. There is suttering at zone lines and the client crashes every few hours..and the devs need to hire a pr team or start communiticating more often 'cause I feel like I dont know if they are out there. None of this problems are game breaking for me. As is Vanguard is very playable and fun..if things arnt fixed in a month or two ..after I've explored the whole world which is AWESOME..I'll prob move on.

Its playable and worth playing now.
I bought Vanguard, and while I like the direction of the FFA server, I don't like the clunkiness of movement.

This has nothing to do with my PC, server stability, or lag... I am talking about the way the characters are programmed to move.

The movement is not fluid, and after games like CoH & WoW showing that movement can be fluid, there is NO reason for it not to be...

I'm just going to continue to play WoW until comes out, and hopefully that game lives up to the hype...
My posts on aren't altogether negative, but I guess they're not 100% positive either =/
lvl21 sorcerer goblin lvl28 carpenter.
Best game ive ever played cant get off the damn thing.everyone in our guild is hooked.
Sure there are bugs and issues wirh server but man seriously the best game around love it.
Can onlt get better
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