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Thursday, September 06, 2007
Machinima for Dummies

You might have noticed the absence of ads on my site. That doesn't mean that I am opposed to advertising. I just would rather keep control over it, instead of letting Google Adsense decide. And I don't need the money. If I come across something worthy, I might even do some free advertising, if I think it would be interesting for my readers. The following announcement is such a case:
Machinima for Dummies is out today!

It's a complete guide to Machinima filmmaking, written by Hugh Hancock (coined the term "Machinima", founded, directed BloodSpell, etc...) and Johnnie Ingram, a long-time collaborator of his, and published as part of the big yellow "For Dummies" series.

WoW players will be interested to hear that it's got a (lengthy) chapter specifically on WoW filmmaking. We also cover The Sims 2, Moviestorm, and Medieval II Total War in the book, each with complete tutorials on filmmaking in those games.

And beyond that, the book includes coverage of film theory (how to make a better film), storytelling, editing, compositing, publicity, game engine hacking, distribution, and even how to become a pro Machinima creator!

Matt Hanson said on BoingBoing "These guys have an unalloyed passion for the machinima field (in fact Hugh coined the term for better or worse), and created the CC-licensed machinima feature film, BloodSpell. This book sees them preaching the gospel for a larger audience with a 'howto' guide."

Thanks. That actually sounds like a really interesting book. ^^
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