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Saturday, September 08, 2007
PotBS on Vanguard

I followed a link at Bildo's blog, sending me to The Pirate Spyglass, which is basically a dev tracker for the Pirates of the Burning Seas forums. Now if you ever read dev trackers for big games like World of Warcraft, you are used to a certain non-committing tone, and the devs never telling you too much, or too open. Thus the Pirate Spyglass comes as kind of a shock. Here is what they had to say about Vanguard:
Actually, if you search around we've covered Vanguard dozens of times. As have many other sites. But to recap:
1. Sony didn't kill vanguard, Sigil killed vanguard
2. Sigil had an enormous debt load when they left Microsoft
3. Sigil chose to ship when they weren't ready, not Sony
4. Sigil drove their game into the ground, and went bankrupt
5. Sigil fired all their employees, not Sony
6. Sony was left to pick up the pieces, hire back some of Sigil's staff, and to try and save what they could of the fiasco brad mcquaid created.

As for us:
1. We're privately financed with no external debt. Nobody is going to pull the plug on us.
2. Sony isn't pushing us to ship, and doesn't want us to ship until we're sure we're ready. They're weren't happy with Vanguard's decision to ship prematurely, and don't want to see that happen again.
3. We're not broke, and so aren't going to sell out for a song to 'save' the company.
4. Sony has left us completely alone when it comes to design, development, and such, other than offering us use of their tools for localization (which are great, btw)

We're not Sigil. I'm not Brad McQuaid. Let it go.
Ouch! I do believe them. But I doubt Brad McQuaid likes to hear that. Anyone know what became of him? In any case it's good to hear MMORPG companies speaking out against premature releases, we really don't need any more of those.
They say he now wanders the streets cursing the name of Zoo Tycoon.
Well... SOE hired McQuaid on to "guide" Vanguard.
Brad McQuaid is now a full time gold farmer on WoW.
Ha, did you see the comment that the dev quoted in order to say what he did about Vanguard? God, I love it when idiots who think they know everything get the smack-down.
Wow... that's refreshingly honest.
No really, man, what do you really think about the Vanguard launch? Don't hold anything back.
I <3 Rusty.

Now if only they'd give us a flippin' date so I can mark my calendar off.
That comment alone now makes me want to find out more about the game.
Good read but I take it with a grain of salt. I have seen what Sony does to games and here it is....compromise the game in the effort to make more money. Sigil botched VG from the start anyway...took a monster PC to run and even a screamer couldn't run it properly. Way too many bugs and way too many servers. Vanguard could have been amazing some of the systems in the game are most definately 3rd gen.
Nicod3mus, read the press release or even Rusty's comment... SOE has nothing to do with the development of PotBS. They literally handle distribution, forums, marketing, and the launcher/subscriptions. All design decisions or otherwise are wholly on Flying Labs' hands.

Your sentiment is exactly what Rusty was speaking about in his comment. :)
Vanguard is actually a decent game. It however was incomplete when I tried it out.

Sony hands their hands into many different jars, I doubt they would have bothered with a game like vanguard if it wasnt worth it in the long run. Which is good news for vanguard players. I honestly wouldnt be surprised if this game made it on the the playstation network at some time.
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