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Wednesday, October 10, 2007
PS3 downgraded

I own a PS2 and a Gamecube. When the "next generation" consoles came out, I didn't see the need to buy any one of them, neither PS3, Wii, nor XBox 360, mostly because the games on offer weren't all that interesting to me. I had the opportunity recently to play a bit with a Wii, with its very interesting control system, but the fun grew old quite fast. The XBox 360 never interested me. But I had planned to one day buy a downward compatible PS3 to replace my old PS2.

Those plans have been rudely killed by Sony removing downward compatibility and several other features from the PS3 this month. They are bringing out a new, cheaper PS3, with a smaller hard drive and several features removed. Apparently it dawned upon them that they were losing out on sales due to being the most expensive next generation console. Now I could rush and still try to get an old PS3, but I won't, because I can't even be sure that future hardware additions or software will be compatible with the original PS3. And it is a bit too expensive for my taste anyway. I'm not interested in buying a new PS3 either, as it is lacking not only PS2 compatibility, but also isn't WiFi enabled any more. Internet connectivity was supposed to be one of the strong points of the PS3, and my router is too far from my TV to make connection with a cable viable.

And while the list of PS2 games had lots of RPG and strategy games, nearly all PS3 games are action oriented. I'm getting too old for twitchy games, and I don't enjoy them as much. So I guess I'll just keep my PS2, or even buy a new one if the old one ever breaks down. No next generation console for me.
Sony also released a "slim" version of their PSP, but from what I can tell the screen is no bigger than the original PSP (unlike the DS vs DS-Lite), Sony just reduced the case/frame and battery size, while tweaking the hardware a bit.

The battery in the PSP-Slim is reported to allow for the same playing time as the older, larger battery found on the original PSP, but if you take an old battery and drop it into your PSP-Slim you can apparently increase the play time per charge. Anmd of course in doing so you're returning the PSP-Slim to the size & weight of its predecessor.
I use my PS3 mostly as a Blu-Ray player. Like you, I don't care for twitchy games, so I've actually been eyeing the XBox 360 because its the box that seems to have all the RPGs this generation (Eternal Sonata, Blue Dragon, etc.) The only RPG for the PS3 right now is an Xbox 360 port (Enchanted Arms) and its not very good.

I think it will change eventually though; RPGs generally take longer to come out. Folklore has been positively reviewed, and given Level 5's pedigree, their White Knight Story is promising.
Man Sony really blew the console war, it is very odd to see this
Your post about ps3 has a few common misunderstandings about the ps3.

~Every version of the ps3 has ethernet port. If you must have wireless, you simply get a ethernet wifi dongle ($40-70) this is sold seperately. Hardwired ps3 is the ideal connection for anyone who wants the most reliable connection (having an edge in FPS games for example).

~The older ps3s do not become "incompatable" by any means, they simply are the deluxe version of the ps3 because of either backwards compatability (a big plus for anyone who owned a ps2), memory card slots (60 gb model), or built in wifi (60 and 80 gb model).

~Sony did not come out with the 40 gb model to outdate any other versions. Consumers/Media have been bleeding heart crybabies about getting a "cheaper" ps3 since it came out. Now that there is a "cheaper" ps3, the fact that people will still complain they are getting a "cheaper" ps3 when they specifically asked for it... is beyond me (Someone being born retarded isnt something you can fix).

<3 <3 <3

XBOX 360 has been my first console and I am very happy I bought it. No need for a monster PC upgrade for the next 2-3 years (if AoC or STO requires a PC upgrade, I might be seduced) and cool games on my home entertainment system (old 16:9 TV, DD 5.1 sound system, very cool atmosphere in games like BioShock or King Kong.
Sony has probably one of the most anticipated RPGS for 2008 coming.


The blog Dubious Quality has a weekly post about "the console war". Although I'm almost only play PC games its been a very interesting and insightful read since the launch of the Wii and the PS3.
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