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Monday, October 15, 2007
Public apology to Krones from Plaguelands

Dear Krones,

I can see that a recent post of mine has very much upset you. My sincerest apologies for that. I didn't mean to insult you. I was only freaked out a little by realizing that in a growing "market" of MMO blogs we are starting to see more and more instances of large parts of the MMO blogosphere writing the same sort of comments to the same events.

I certainly didn't mean to accuse you of not having any original thought. If anything I was scared of not having any original thought myself. I write something, then I surf around and find other people writing more or less the exact same idea, just in other words. Scary! Depressing! And the post I wrote in response to those feeling wasn't very good, and in no way fair towards you. I'm sorry.

Your fan,

Great minds blog alike, great spammers suck at their job. If the previous commenter is not a spammer, I don't know what this world is coming to.

I strongly recommend a Tobold v. Krones /duel. But which game... hmm.
Actually that was one of the better sorts of gold spam. *Was*, because I deleted it. :)
Nice mea culpa. I respect that.
Awww.... you guys play so nice.
You are very graceful, but I must refuse, you are my enemy! I will slay you with words. I'm kidding, there is no need to apologize, actually I think it's a little bit embarrassing. I wasn't upset at all, definitely intrigued. As for the sensational parts in the post that's just me attempting humor.
Am I the only one who gets nauseous of the word "blogosphere"? I just really, really hate that word for some reason and hope to never see it again. Instead, it's now appearing just about once in five posts. ARRGH!

- Sveral
Storm in a teacup? Not even that?
Nothing to fall out over. Nothing to see here.

"Listen as the syllables of slaughter cut with calm precision
Patterned frosty phrases rape your ears and sow the ice incision
Adjectives of annihilation
Bury the point beyond redemption
Venomous verbs of ruthless candour
Plagiarise assassins fervour
Apocalyptic alphabet casting spell
The creed of tempered diction"

- Derek Dick
This does happen sometimes. I remember when I posted about the "do you help new people" issue, apparently another blog had the same type of story up, a blog I had never even read. Just too many blogs to keep track of to make sure no one is double posting anything.

The intrawebz is a cold, callous place where no one can hear you scream :(
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