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Sunday, November 04, 2007
Aggro Me on Fantasy Wars

I love turn-based strategy games. So I followed the advice of Aggro Me to try out Fantasy Wars. The demo lets you play two different battles, but strangely doesn't let you play the tutorial. Nevertheless gameplay is intuitive enough that you'll manage to do the two battles without major difficulties. But either the game doesn't have much strategic depth, or due to me not having access to the tutorial I didn't find the strategic depth. Graphics and gameplay are nice enough, but not outstanding.

So I checked out GamersGate to see whether Fantasy Wars was cheap enough to buy it and hope for more strategic depth when having access to tutorial and the campaign. But it costs 40 Euro there (which is $56 at current exchange rate), twice as much as the far superior Puzzle Quest. So I ended up not buying it.

I do like hex map turn-based strategy games, expecially the fantasy kind like the old Fantasy General. Unfortunately these games have become very, very rare. So except for finding a Windows XP version of Fantasy General I'm out of ideas what other hex map fantasy strategy games I could play.
I know very little about hex turn based games Tobold but Bill Harris over at Dubious Quality raves about Armageddon Empires. He even wrote a six part tutorial for the game. Armageddon Empires at Dubious Quality
Yeah, I saw that one. The scary thing is that the Armaggeddon Empires website quotes the Dubious Quality blog as their only "press" reference. I wouldn't want that to happen to me, being the only one out there recommending a game. But I need to look deeper into Armaggeddon Empires.
give The Battle for Wesnoth a try. I've heard tons of good things about it and it's completely free with source.

The Dominions series could also be worth checking.
Armageddon Empires absolutely rules. I have been playing it obsessively.
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