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Saturday, November 03, 2007
Gilmore Girls

I'm in a bit of a gaming slump. The only game I still play regularly is a beta I can't write about due to the NDA, and even that I'm playing less than I used to play previous games. So less time with games leaves me more time for other things. And for a slump there can be nothing better than watching endless episodes of a fluffy TV series: I just finished all 6 seasons of the Gilmore Girls on DVD. (Season 7 should come out this month.) And the great thing is that in all the 6 seasons together *absolutely nothing* happened. It's a mystical fantasy world, where financial hardship is defined as having to cut out coupons from the newspaper, and the love childs of teenage pregnancies end up in Ivy League colleges. Totally unrealistic, but if you're in the mood for fluff it's perfect.

Academic literature critics probably won't agree, but the Gilmore Girls remind me very much of the Jane Austen novels. It's 200 years later and on a different continent, but the scope and subject are the same. Female heroines whose problems are mostly limited to those of love and social standing. The fact that nothing really happens is cleverly disguised by the witty dialogue, full of cultural references. For a non-American the cultural references are not always easy to understand. But in return the series gives a nice overview of American mating habits; is dating really that formal in the USA?

Well, now I have to look for another fluffy TV series to fill my time. I hear Picket Fences has been released on DVD this year.
If you want to watch old American tv shows, here are a few suggestions:

Hillstreet Blues
Perry Mason
I don't know how you could sit and watch so much of Gilmore Girls. I like the show, but just watching one episode wears me out. The witty dialogue goes too fast and steady for me. You never get a chance to laugh before the next punchline comes.
Please, for your own sake, delete this post.
So you like Gilmore Girls? Let me make a few suggestions than. You might like:

- The Hills
- My Super Sweet 16
- Pageant Place
- Ellen
- Girls Behaving Badly
- The Golden Girls
- Desperate Housewives

Oh, then get a subscription to Lifetime and Oxygen women's TV for your ultimate dream come true!

Pansy. :)
Pansy. :)

Actually it takes a real man to admit that he also likes stuff which isn't all macho.

I don't know half of the series you suggested. I gave up on Desperate Housewives after seeing half of the first season on TV, the jokes kept repeating themselves. But I remember liking Golden Girls back when that was on TV.

Hillstreet Blues

Great series, got the first two seasons on DVD, but unfortunately that's all that's out yet.
Veronica Mars.

The Rockford Files
If you want to watch a show that is well written and directed, try Dexter. The first season is out on DVD.
Oh come on..he said fluffy tv, that's exactly what Gilmore girls is...give him a break, it's not that bad, and not too badly written.

The hills, super sweet 16, not fluff, it's garbage filler.

My suggestions, if you have not already seen all the seasons, for fluff that's a tad more mature is Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Angel, and Firefly series.

Dexter, as someone else metioned, also good, but hardly fluff.
I found Gilmore girls pretty amusing. Each and every character in that series is some sort of exaggaration of a stereotype. I often ended up saying to my girlfriend that "there's not a single 'normal' character in that series".
If you like your fluff with lots of depth try Boston Legal.

Also, there's no fluff to this but it's exceptionally good: Avatar the Last Airbender

Sex and the City
Stargate SG-1 (I'll always stand by this)
Northern Exposure
Magnum PI (This is some GREAT fluff!)
Stargate SG-1 and SG Atlantis are all I need.
"Actually it takes a real man to admit that he also likes stuff which isn't all macho."

Keep telling yourself that.
If you like Magnum PI you'll probably also like Simon & Simon.
Guilty pleasure of mine was Gilmore Girls.

Watched all the seasons, and the bad boy boyfriend of Rory's (the dark haired one that was Luke's nephew or whatever) was also in the Fergie video Big Girls Dont Cry.

Rory and her mom were the hottest duo on TV for a long time!
Krones beat me to it. :(

Veronica Mars rocks.
I like the Gilmore girls for the snappy and witty dialogue. As for whether "stuff" happens, it's no more different than most other sitcoms. I do agree it's a bit of an alternate reality but it's fun to watch.
The last season of Gilmore Girls is horrible. Stay away.

Btw nothing wrong with watching Gilmore Girls. Jeff Green of GFW Radio talks about it a lot. :P
"Gilmore Girls = Jane Austen"

Okay, I think I just died a little bit. ;-)
You're not considering Jane Austen in the proper historical context. Her novels were certainly considered to be fluff, light entertainment, when she wrote them. It is only 200 years later that they are considered "literature". Oh, and Shakespeare was writing entertainment which at his time was considered to be rather low, cheap comedies and dramas for the masses. Not saying that Gilmore Girls will be high literature in 200 years, but the scope and subject is rather similar.
Right now I am able to knock out my entire week of tv by watching NBC Monday nights.

Chuck followed by Heroes, followed by Journeyman.

They're DVR'ed so I turn it on near the end of Chuck and play from the beginning, fastforwarding through commercials.
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