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Thursday, November 01, 2007
Mythos impressions

Thanks to the reader who sent me a Mythos beta invite I was able to test this game, and it's a gem. There is a good description including video up at West Karana, so I'll not go too much into the details of how Mythos works. Basically it is a Diablo clone, including the isometric view. I very much like the comic style graphics. And Mythos is so much fun! You get lots of choices to make how to spec your character, the combat is exciting, and you get tons of loot.

I especially like the map system. Maps can lead you to quest or random dungeons. And although I *know* that the dungeons are all randomized, they don't necessarily feel that way. There are several different tile sets from crypts to mines to caves, lots of different monsters, and a good number of boss mobs dropping the better loot. And because the map says for what level it is and whether it is for solo or group play, you can choose what kind of dungeon you want to visit. Very cool.

Absolutely unbeatable is the price, because Mythos apparently will be free to download and free to play. The game will be financed by microtransactions, but I haven't seen what you'll be able to buy with cash yet. Mythos isn't really encroaching on MMORPG territory, but I had more fun in Mythos than in the comparable Dungeon Runner, Hellgate: London, or Tabula Rasa. Although of course my preference of isometric view and the fantasy genre influence my judgement here. A fun little game, recommended.
Glad you're liking it, Tobold!

HG:L is not really a Diablo 3 like lots of folks would hope. It's more of a new genre experiment. But Mythos? Mythos is as close to a Diablo 3 as we'll see for a while methinks. Very fun game.
Have you tried any of the 'epic' maps with a group fit for the level of the map? Man it gets ROUGH. Great challenge though, and from what I saw, you get a much higher chance for some really great loot.

But like I said over at my blog, and many others have as well, Mythos is just plain fun.
I missed out on a Mythos batch invitation during the HG:L beta. Now I'm really regretting not responding faster. Blah.

Does it seem like it will be out soon at least?
Also, everything I've seen so far reminds me very much of Fate, a little gem of an action RPG that almost nobody ever heard of. Mythos seems very much like Fate, but with more depth and the addition of multiplayer.
I'm very interested in this game from Flagship Studios. The background as I understand it is that it was built as a testing ground for the Hellgate:London engine. The staff ended up loving the game so much that they developed it into a full fledged product.

I totally dug Dungeon Runners' satirical approach but there was a nasty run lag that made the game unplayable imo. I think that they've since fixed this issue. Either way, I like me some diablo-clone.
1) Getting lots of loot isn't a game feature to base a decision to play a game with, is it?
2) Microtransactions are only good for the game publisher. Over time you will pay more for the game than you would for a comparable title that wasn't based on microtransactions. Tread carefully.
Sounds fun. Gosh, I might even think about downloading it. Someday.
In the meantime, I'm still trying to get started on Dawn of War. Just played the tutorial and was a bit put off that I couldn't read any text unless my face was 6 inches from the screen...
On it being much like Fate.

There's a reason. It's lead designer is the same guy who created Fate. He got a job working with FSS, and they were using the Fate client to test HG:L's server architecture, and as they messed with it and created more for it... they saw just how fun it could be.
Yeah I'm on Mythos beta also (got my key from Bildo, thanks!) I jump in every now and then to relax and satisfy my sword slashing needs, I've got no MMORPS subscriptions atm.

Fun game indeed, really simple. Haven't tried HG: London to compare it though.
I have Fate on my machine still from a few years back - great game! I think I dl'ed it right off of Yahoo if you need a fix, but paid $20.

Sounds like this is better!
Ill buy the retail copy of that game for sure. Until then HG:L will tide me over as far as my D2 appetite goes.. lol

lvl 6 guardian templar LFG day 1 retail WOOT11. (HG:L) ~Warcow.
Saying you had more fun than Dungeon Runner or Tabula Rasa isn't saying much TBH.

Like discussed earlier, Tabula Rasa is Auto Assault redone with an FPS theme (and sucks), and Dungeon Runners is complete crap.

Hellgate London is a good game at its core, but with all of the technical difficulties, and with no developers responding or helping with such difficulties, the game sucks in its current state.
And considering its going on day 2 or 3 out of beta..

about what you can expect.

The game summed up is quake 4 / diablo 2, lol awsome.
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