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Tuesday, May 06, 2008
Music of WoW

After finding out how to change the music of WoW, I still needed to find what song I actually wanted to have on my World of Warcraft login screen. I tried various songs I had on CD, but found that modern rock or pop music doesn't really go well with the WoW fantasy theme. Then I had the idea to use one of WoW's own song from another location. Now I could have unpacked the MPQ files to find WoW's music, but that being a bit unwieldy I was happy to find somebody else had already done that: MusicofWoW has all the songs of World of Warcraft, plus soundbites from some NPC's like Moroes. Now normally I wouldn't link to a site with pirated music, but since most of us already have the same music files on our hard disc, I think it is hard to argue that making this music available over the internet harms anyone.

By the way, I choose the Karazhan opera music, the one you hear in the ballroom, for my login screen, because it is such a catchy tune.
I don't own World of Warcraft. I was thinking of buying it just so I could have the music. I love fantasy themed music. So inpirational. Now that I found this website I don't have to waste my money. Thanks Mr. T!
there goes tobold's "we all already own it, so it's not pirating" theory...
Your Bloodsail Buccaneers reputation has increased +500!
Maybe it will attract some people back ot woW who otherwise would not have gone back, and tobold will avoid getting sued. :) (I wish I could do a good smiley for this.)
LOL I will just have to say that I took the LOTRO music and am now using while I play wow...

Im just trying to keep the game fresh you know....

That or the opening theme to Conan. You can't go wrong either way.
Personally, I prefer the soundtrack.
Many of the in-game themes are stitched together on-the-fly from 3-6 different mp3s. For example, the capital city themes have an intro (like the fanfares of Darnassus or the chorus of Stormwind), and several "idle" sections. On their own, the pieces sound somewhat out-of-place.

The soundtrack has done the "stitching" for me, so that themes like Dun Morogh, Song of Elune or Burning Steppes sound like they're supposed to.
Thank you Tobold, so much!!!
The past month or so, I've been playing with the sound completely turned off. Since I've heard the same stuff for so long, I find I don't really miss it and it doesn't seem to affect my gameplay while allowing me to listen to my wife nag with more attention. Its a win-win I think. 0.o
I have been a big fan of game music since Final Fantasy 1. I buy the soundtracks whenever they are available, and will often grab a collectors edition as much for the music CD as for the game.

Direct Song is a wonderful way to get certain game sountracks while still supporting the artists who wrote the music. I am a big Jeremy Soule fan, and many of his sountracks from Guild Wars etc. are avaialble there. I was also very happy with their customer service.

Alas, many game sountracks are not available for sale, or only in special editions which are limited, so, in such cases, piracy becomes your only recourse.

I have to wonder though. Is it really piracy if the thing isn't even for sale?

Oh yes, and the new Inn music in WoW by David Arkenston? I love it. But I have always enjoyed his work.
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