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Wednesday, June 18, 2008
Kingdom of Loathing goes multiplayer

So many pretty 3D MMORPGs around, and I spend the whole evening playing Kingdom of Loathing. Very fun game, but a simple HTML-based browser game with lots of text, a few hand-drawn stick figures, and no animations at all. In KoL you get a number of "adventures" every day, which limits how many places you can explore and possibly get into fights in. Fortunately most other actions, like buying and selling stuff, chatting, training, or managing your inventory don't cost adventures. Nevertheless Kingdom of Loathing is a game where you play a short while every day, not long play sessions where the time you spend is proportional to your advancement.

What I like most about KoL is the humor, because it is often intelligent. And intelligent, text-based humor without flashy graphics and decapitations also lead to the player base being more mature than in other free-to-play games. I was positively surprised how helpful the other players in the new player chat channel were, answering all my noob questions.

Gameplay in Kingdom of Loathing is turn-based, which up to now meant that adventuring was more or less exclusively a solo affair. But this week KoL expanded into massively multiplayer gameplay, introducing Hobopolis. This is basically a dungeon which is accessed from your guild hall, and while still turn-based, guild members can and have to cooperate to succeed there. I'm looking forward to trying this, but I haven't found a clan (guild) yet.

Clans in Kingdom of Loathing are very important, because clan members contribute to equipping the guild hall with features which benefit each member. Being in a clan you can get more adventures or meat (the currency of KoL) every day than if you just play solo. Primitive as KoL looks, in fact the guild features are things that lots of triple A MMORPGs, including WoW, could learn from.
Saying WoW could learn something about guild features from game X is like saying Kia could learn a thing or two about cars from Ferrari.

snark aside, I'll have to check this out. (btw how do you find all this random internet goodness?)
btw how do you find all this random internet goodness?

I read good blogs. :)

Actually I also get a lot of mail with press releases from smaller game companies hoping for a bit of free publicity, and when the game is good I'm happy to oblige.
Wait, you get press stuff? And you questioned your 'am I press' status? GTFO.

And point out these magical blogs about little known games of coolness.
I'm still too mad at KoL to return. I had an account there waaaaaaaaaaaay long time ago. Man, back when I was in High school...right after it released. But they delete accounts and I don't feel like starting all over again. It's a silly reason, but I am sticking to it!
if you had an account WAYYY back when they deleted accounts, you should try it again.

I've played KoL since April of 2004, and let me tell you... the game today is nothing like it was back then.

Ascension is in place, they just added raid dungeons, every class has new skills through level 15, there's actual highend content challenging for all player levels.

Crafting has been buffed up, the quests flow, there's something to do every level, lots of alternate bosses and content that opens up, plenty of goals to play with.

Seriously, it's good stuff.
oh, and if you do try the game. Send a 'Kmail' to #32917 and say 'Hi Hexx' and I'll send you a care package.
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