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Tuesday, June 24, 2008

I found another interesting site using the World of Warcraft Armory for some statistical data mining. This one is called WoWProgress. Besides tracking the progress of guilds in WoW, it also tracks movement between guilds in some charts. Did you for example know that priests switch guilds most often, but hunters switch least often. Interestingly while for every class it is more likely that somebody switches from a weaker guild to a stronger guild, priests seem to be the most burned out class, and are the class that most frequently moves from a stronger guild to a weaker guild.

WoWProgress also has another interesting feature: It tracks people who moved from one server to another or changed name. If you want to really disappear, you better change your gear, otherwise somebody with a specific set of gear leaving one server and somebody new appearing out of nowhere with the same gear is going to leave a trace.
Oh - noice... scary as to what it actually shows..
Interesting satistics, however one has to be very careful in interpreting them. The data shown is not entirely accurate.

For example, on my server two major raiding guild banded together and formed a new raid guild. One of the old guilds also had a few external players from another guild in their raid rooster.

Currently all four of those guilds show up as making progress in Sunwell despite the fact that there is only one raid now.

So if you look at the number of raids on the server under the assumption that each raid forms its own guild (which is often case in high end raids), the numbers will be quite skewed. This makes interpreting these statistics quite difficult.

They are good at giving a general overview, though.
Yeah that is a quite detailed trace.
I suppose the government has something like that on everyone in RL, but I'd rather not think too hard about that...
I'll say this again. The armory was the absolute worst thing blizzard could have done to the community socially. Not One good thing about the way it affects the community. It feeds elitism. It seperates players. It was a bone to raiders who wanted to be able to diss players who werent geared and were lieing about specs. It has turned into a big freaking mess. Now people refuse to run with people perfectly capable of the content because they aren't in gear that far exceeds it.

The armory in wow would be like posting everyones bank and credit information online so that anyone anywhere could look at it for any reason. Imagine that world.
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