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Tuesday, August 12, 2008
Blizzcon tickets are hard to get

In spite of their high price of $100, there were so many people trying to get a Blizzcon ticket that Blizzard's ticket website crashed, and won't be up again until start of the business day today. I must say I can understand people, my own WWI 2008 visit was a great experience, and well worth the hundred bucks plus travel expenses.

I'm just wondering what Blizzard could possibly announce at the Blizzcon. A new game? Or just the release date of Starcraft 2 and/or Wrath of the Lich King?
I don't think they'll announce anything new. D3 ad SC2 have already been announced. If they have a new MMO in development, I think they'll wait until after WotLK release to talk about it to avoid compromising WotLK's publicity.

Maybe they'll have some "exciting" news about the card/miniature games and other franchising crap... but who cares.
I'm putting all my money that Blizzard is going to give a release date for WotLK. Based on the current beta it doesn't seem like WotLK is far off. Perhaps they will also announce a date for Starcraft II, since that has been in the works forever now.
A new class in D3 among other news
I'm honestly surprised at how long the store has been down. Last year's Blizzcon ticket sales went smoothly as far as I remember.
They will announce the starraft 2 expansion and starcraft 3. Given the long development times of these games, they've decided to get started early. :)
Preston is right on the money about the WOTLK release date. Given the timing of the beta (July 19? start), the fact that Blizzcon is just around the 3 month mark, and the marketing stupidity of placing Blizzon directly after the release of a major product, I would virtually guarantee that we will be seeing a release date announcement at Blizzon. It is unlikely that any official announcement will be made before.
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