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Tuesday, September 09, 2008
GOA: Age of Registering

Stealing a bad pun from Book of Grudges, this is the third day in the ongoing saga of registering for the European WAR open beta, run by GOA. The account registering page is currently down. The reason for that is that the temporary page put up yesterday allowed people to register, but the infrastructure behind it wasn't able to support the load, and didn't send out the confirmation e-mails. So even those who were able to register still aren't in the game. As the open beta ends, and the headstart period starts, in less than a week, this is starting to get serious. We aren't even sure yet we will able to register for Warhammer Online: Age of Reckoning in Europe on launch day. Right now any statement from GOA how confident they are that nothing could possibly go wrong with that would just be laughed at.

This is in stark contrast to the US WAR open beta, which is running just fine by all accounts, with no problems whatsoever reported on registering. And I'm not buying the excuses how hard it is for GOA to have a simultaneous release with the US, just because WoW had a European launch 3 months after the US launch. After all, that excuse is only valid for WAR itself, not for the account page. The GOA account software is completely separate from the EA one, so they can hardly claim they had to do last-minute localization on it. Plus the foolhardy decision to only start the account registering service a few hours before the open beta started was GOA's, as documented by their various declarations of how confident they were.

On the bright side communication has improved by leaps and bounds. The official WAR Europe site is now giving frequent updates on the situation. You don't have to search various game sites and blogs any more to get the latest official news, which was a silly way to do it in the first place.
America, !@#$ yeah!
Good to see that at least the updates are getting better. I'll keep my fingers crossed for my European Brethren!
When I left for work this morning I was half way through downloading the US version. I can put up with the lag and off peak times but I can't put up with GOA any longer.

I'm just kicking myself for not downloading the US client as soon as I had finished downloading the EU one as a precaution.

At least I had the foresight to order an US SE two weeks ago when the GOA writing looked to be on the wall (even if the shipping cost was higher then the price of the game). Having said that, I still can't bring myself to cancel my EU CE.
Right now, the sensible thing to do seems to be to bypass GOA altogether and just play in the US. No way in a million years am I going to trust my credit card details to a company like this.
Playing in the US will not be an option for me, so if GOA cannot get their act together i will not play Warhammer. Im already very close to cancelling my CE preorder; only an asap "miracle patch" on GOA's attitude, overall competence, customer relations and technical savvy will keep me from giving up on this game. Im probably not alone in this, this debacle will cost Mythic a lot of Euros.
Is it even possible to play on US servers if you bought the European pre-order?
If you want to play on the US servers you need to buy a US subscription and download the US version.
Damn Euro's, you will be the bastards raiding keeps at (our) 3am...

The situation does look bad, but remember it IS beta, and GOA has nothing to do with the actual game, so once they actually get everything together, you will still have the same great game we have here in the states.

Clearly frustrating, but they do still have a little bit of time to get it all together.
You can still register, just go to this url:

GOA is just stupid enough to disable the register button, the actuall url and registration works. Ofcoz, this is just one part of the problem, you still cant activate your beta key.
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If I were in the EU, which I'm not, given GOA's struggles with the open-beta registration at this point I would be seriously concerned about the registration for live launch.

I had my account created and codes registered within hours of placing my order back in August.
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