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Sunday, September 07, 2008
Open Sunday Thread

Time is flying these last days, can't believe it's Sunday again already! So again the blog is all yours, use this open Sunday thread to talk about anything you like, or propose subjects for discussion later in the week.
hi, I am an avid reader of your blog. I am also a WoW fan - and have one toon at 70.

I had a question - and I just could not find the answer...

Is there a MMORPG game which does not involve killing ?
A Tale in the Desert has no combat.

I think Seed did either not have combat or at least had a focus on more constructive tasks.

My guess is that the future Lego MMO will be limited in combat as well.
The Private Viper part made me LOL.
Full Micro Jacket:
Unsurprising post of the month:

WAR's European beta registration was due to open at 0830 UK time today. The site has already fallen over. Who could possibly have predicted that?
@Sven :D

This was the safest bet i have ever seen. Now the question is: was it GOA's arrogance or incompetence which led to this universally predicted/guaranteed failure.
WAR's European beta registration was due to open at 0830 UK time today. The site has already fallen over. Who could possibly have predicted that?

This is, as they say, QFT. ;)
Arrogance or incompetence, it all adds up to the same thing for European players of WAR: zero.
Well even though i have a OB key in Europe i dont think i will be able to play today anyway =)
Yes, I guess the hot topic for today will be the universal failure from GOA that everyone predicted and expected. I was there for DAoC from beta so I was in the "I'm sure they've learned their lesson" camp, but in the back of my mind I really had doubts. They gave away so many keys, let alone their SE and CE sales, how they could possibly have expected that to go smoothly on the day the OB was suppose to start is anyones guess.
Though it has to be said, that even Freddy's House is buckling under the strain :)
Mental note: "Avoid business with GOA"
Shame, I think GOA will go into live without a scrap of good will in the bank, any problems will see them drawn and quartered.

If they had given dates, their schedule or told the community weeks ago they had problems the community would have rallied (as we are strange like that.

Their arrogance, insistence all is well, on schedule just did not hold. Even the client which we got after 3 days of complaining and they were running out of exscuses why they could not give to us was in the end a link to the US servers, I am guessing the people in the US, with servers and a client would be Mythic - I cannot think that GOA planned that all along else they could have given the link in 10 seconds to us after PW weekend in the US and we would have had the client easily.
The ("extremely confident")GOA technicians are probably going to get things working sometime today. When that happens i predict the following errors in the account procedure:

Account not created because:

- this email address is already in beta
- email address not in beta
- code invalid
- code expired
- code already in use
- account already exists

Could be a fun day at GOA HQ...
How about some Spore impressions? :)
Spore getting bad reviews and heavy criticism for it's DRM on Amazon.
- dave
I'm enjoying Spore. I question it's replay value, but it's fun. Probably not nearly as good as the hype since it's been what, 3-5 years in the making?

So far, I've made a carnivore race, and am 1/2 way thru with an herbivore race.

Omnivore race next.

Not sure if I'll keep playing once I finish an Omnivore race, which is why I question the replay value.
I read a quick overview of the Archlord MMO the other day. I haven't had the time yet to download the client and play around with it, but I was wondering if you had. My apologies if you've covered this before, I don't remember the topic.

Based on the overview I read it sounded like it had some interesting aspects to it. First of all, it's free and appears to make money primarily off micro-transactions for upgraded armor, etc.

The other interesting aspect is the major PvP. Each server has only one Archlord at a time and it takes a concerted effort and what sounds like epic battle to unseat the sitting Archlord.

Anyway - sounds interesting and thought I'd save myself some time downloading and installing if you've already played it and hated it.

Never played Archlord, because last I heard was that becoming Archlord was so grindy that nobody ever succeeded in doing it.
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