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Thursday, December 11, 2008
EVE 3 trillion ISK exploit

Via Brokentoys I read that CCP confirmed having banned 70 accounts over several allied corporations, who had been exploiting the game for 4 years unnoticed, producing nearly 3 trillion ISK in the process. One of the exploiters thanks CCP for making it possible to buy game time cards with ISK, he had been paying his account for the last 4 years with duped ISK. A 60-day game time card apparently goes for around 600 million ISK, so the complete amount of duped money could have paid for 5,000 months of EVE and thus been worth $75,000. But probably CCP can't do anything beyond banning those accounts, as duping virtual currency isn't illegal, even if you can "pay" something with it that normally costs real money. Otherwise that would have been one quite interesting lawsuit.
Wow $75,000 and it's been going on for four years. Proof if any more proof be needed that the biggest baddest stories in the whole mmo space happen in EVE. I note that the terse press release mentions that the dupe has had a significant effect on the economy. If it has been going on for so long it has probably become absorbed into the basic structure of the economy. I wonder what impact removing the exploit will have - significant market shocks predicted I would say. The traders and speculators will probably have a field day.
Might be able to run a civil suit on the matter; really depends on if you can prove direct damage was done (even if only in terms of defamation), or possibly even some of the section 1030 fraud charges, and if you can prove ISK to be possessed and of value. In practice, trying to serve legal notice for that sort of thing would be a nightmare with far too many negative publicity repercussions to be worth it.

That's going to screw the game economy up soooo bad.
Just a couple of problems with the story. First of all, the system that was being exploited got changed and expanded last month as part of the Quantum Rise expansion. Second of all, the 3 trillion number and the claim that it's been going on for 4 years showed up as an semi-anonymous post on third party message board after the fact.

It's seems to me like it might be an exploit that was going for 4 weeks and not 4 years, and that some internet empowered jerk is having some fun with us all.

That's my 2 cents.
This is why I love EVE so much. The excitement and the intrigue are on totally different level compared to bland mainstream MMO's.
Scamming and bending the rules is part of the game so that naturally leads to people looking creative ways to gain advantage.
Cheating is ok, if you do it with style and who can argue with 3 trillion ISK? That's style.
Kudos for these guys for finding a way to excel - lulz at CCP for not reacting in time.

As always it will not really have huge impact in-game, EVE players will adapt and the game will be better than ever (until next huge scam/exploit hits) :-)
This is exactly the sort of the thing the CSM was initially supposed to audit after the T20 incident: Who knew about it and when? It's entirely plausible that the broken piece of code making this possible has been there for four years, and by checking the logs one can find out exactly when the first bugged POS went online.

But yes, EvE will adapt, and those who were producing T2 materials legitimately are going to reap the benefits from the price hike caused by speculators and sudden lack of competition.
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