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Wednesday, December 24, 2008
Eye of Divinity

Monday our guild had a party. One guild member was hiding in Azeroth (with an unguilded alt, of course), and gave out clues on how to find her on the guild forums. I had guessed that she was in Arathi Highlands, but when trying to sneak there before everyone else, I triggered the "explored Arathi Highlands" achievement announced to all guildies, and gave my position away. I won first prize for finding her first anyway. Then when everyone arrived we were first just celebrating a costume party, until somebody mentioned how he hated that patrol on the road of Arathi Highlands. So we went and killed that patrol, followed by a raid on Southshore, for good measure. And then we decided to go to Molten Core.

Molten Core was silly easy with level 80s, the only difficulty being to find enough people who still had the water to douse the runes and summon Majordomo. We killed him, and the Eye of Divinity dropped. Doh! I had wanted that one for months back then in 2006 and never got it, but then got the Will of Arlokk instead, and lost interest. Well, we went on and killed Ragnaros, and got the Molten Core achievement done, because WoW had forgotten that I had already killed Ragnaros several times.

Anyway, now I had the Eye of Divinity, which with a complicated quest and a lot of farming gives Benediction / Anathema, a dual-function staff which used to be quite good for level 60. Totally useless at level 80 of course, but I decided to do the quest anyway. I managed it on the second try, because even at level 80 that quest isn't easy. The adds are less of a nuisance now you can just blow them away with a single Holy Nova, but healing 50 peasants before 15 of them die to a combination of disease and unattackable skeleton archers is still not trivial. On the second try I used the Shift-V function to see their health bars, and that made it easier.

Now I just would need the Eye of Shadow. That used to drop of Lord Kazzak in the Blasted Lands, but that boss mob moved to Outlands. So to get the Eye of Shadow, you need to kill level 60 elite demons in Winterspring or Blasted Lands, which drop the eye with a lousy 1% drop chance. Well, I tried. But after 2 hours of farming I grew bored and joined a guild group doing an heroic dungeon instead. Maybe if I have nothing else to do one day I'll try again, but it would just be for nostalgia. The level 60 content is truly dead and only serves as party entertainment nowadays.
I got the Divinity at 70, And yeah, farming the Eye of Shadow is always fun.. Did at 60 too on my old priest, but never got the eye of Divinity. Irony sure is mean. You can always check the AH, I know your horde side so the odds are against it, but theres sometimes one there.
Also, if you happen to know any old raiding guilds, asking them to check their guild vault wouldn't hurt..
I thought they changed it so that you don't need the water anymore.
Level 60 content is truly dead...but some of these long quest lines seem to be the only way you can rack up enough quests for the Loremaster achievement...
They made all the water eternal, but there is a cooldown, like an hour I think, so unless you go painfully slow, one person with the water isnt enough. And the whole run probably took about an hour at 80.
Heh, who knew there was a hidden reward to completing all the exploration achievements in advance - no more pesky popups. :)
Found the Eye of Shadow on the Alliance AH and am now the proud owner of Benediction / Anathema.
Lol congrats!! I hate that the game has randomly forgotten instances that I ran well before the achievement system came out. It didn't even remember that I cleared Kara a billion times, kinda silly. What makes it worse are the random instances that it does remember, I don't understand why one instance would be and another wouldn't.
There was a 60elite world raidboss that replaced Kazzak in the Blasted Lands. He has the exact loot table that Kazzak used to have, and the same fight mechanic. He just has a different name, and a slightly different model/texture. I think he is still around.

On the second note, grats on finding the Eye of Shadow on the Ah and finishing up the questline. I love some of the great, epic questlines from original WoW.
There is an easter egg in Shattrath's World Edge Tavern that only someone wearing the Eye of Divinity can see.
What sucks tobold is before i quit i had an eye of shadow in my inventory

unlucky mate
I farmed the Eye of Shadow for a solid week at 60 with a rogue friend. It was a nightmare. After 6 days of no drops, I log on one morning to be greeted by an officer who logged on to the bank alt and gave me an Eye of Shadow :) They had downed Kazzak in the early AM the night before. One of the coolest moments of my WoW life.

The quest was one of the best in WoW - it was difficult but not impossible, even when I was lvl 60 with only 1-2 purples (and the rest blues). I actually had to do it for 2 other priests in the guild because they couldn't get it done. Did it on the first try everytime.
I farmed for the Eye of Shadow in BL for aprox 20 min just as many others I've spoken to. The drop rate of 1% that ppl on other forums speak of mustn't be true, so continue farming you guys! You will get it
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