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Sunday, December 21, 2008
Open Sunday Thread

The open Sunday thread is the place for you to discuss what interests you, or to ask questions and propose subjects for me to talk about during the week. So get going, comment!
19:21 UTC on Saturday 20 December 2008.

Have you moved to Australia because its still Saturday in Europe.
On the "new class" post, I forgot Runemaster as another class that shows up almost all the time in "suggest a new class" forum threads and posts. (The others are Bard, Barbarian, Berserker, and Martial arts monk.)

On a starcraft MMO, if blizzard does actually make on, ift will be interesting to see if blizzard uses a system where people start out as weak fighters (like zerglings and basic terran gunmen), than over time move to more powerful ones like Ultralisks, Siege tanks, etc. If they did the MMO anddid this in it, it might get rid of some issues of "players with different levels/gear cannot play together", since everyone could serve a useful purpose. (If I heard right, EVE is designed so that these types of groups can work, so it is something copyable.) (It would be more difficult to handle protoss, though, in a way that makes sense, protoss being the "large powerful units" race and all.)
Whoa, Sunday came early this week... o_O
Yea... I was watching the Aussie S.A test till bout 2, so that means you posted this bout 7...
Yeah, sorry, this was supposed to be a "scheduled" post for Sunday morning, but I messed up with the scheduling function and it got posted too early.
On Stargate MMO - It will never be released. If it does some how get released, it will have been pushed out way too early and will be riddled with bugs and issues and will not survive a year.
Might as well make some more predictions everyone knows to be true.
Within 1 year Age of Conan will close.
I also wonder what blizzard will keep calling their better and better crafting levels. We have artisan, master, and grand master, but it seems blizzard will have a hard time coming up with better and better sounding names for the crafting skill levels.
Like mana potions. I had my money on ultimate, but i guess they had nowhere to go up from there, hence runic. They will probably just drop the description. Just leave it at the levels.

And elements to mine. Although I guess they could just make up a name for those.

Another profession note. There has got to be some better way of browsing your patterns, etc. Scroll up to see what the mats are for whatever engineering item. scroll down (or click the + and - buttons) to see if i have the pattern for the mat, scroll back up to see how many i need to make. Why not list the components for ingredients if you mouse over the component. As we get more and more patterns, will be more and more of a problem. Now i wish I hadn't spent time trying to get as many patterns as possible that I knew I would never use. Perhaps even make a profession window, that is whole screen like the map, where you can see the branches, etc for whatever you need to make.
Why do you use Wardb and not wowhead?
So, end of another year. What were your best and worst games that you played during 2008? Anything you really regret buying (for me, it's Spore - I liked the first 3 parts well enough but I never actually played the rest, I could have saved myself the money.)
Why do you use Wardb and not wowhead?

I think this comment belongs in the previous thread.
A) I used WoWDB, not WarDB
B) WoWDB had the nicer 3D viewer for the staff I wanted to show
Tobold what do you think of the startling lack of new raid content in WOTLK? Now that I've progressed through the endgame, I was surprised how little there was. Naxx was the one full-blown raid proper, but it was a re-launch of an existing raid dungeon with everything basically staying the same. Obsidian Sanctum and Eye of Eternity are one-off boss encounters, albeit very well-designed ones. I was surprised that even with two years of development, Blizzard was still so pressed that there's only two new raid bosses in the entire expansion (ok three if you want to count Archavon).
Do you think a sport MMO would be popular/work? Empire of Sports is claiming to be the 1st sports based MMO where you need to train your skill set up so you can compete etc. It's a free download at the moment & I plan to take a look myself soon - here's the link if you are interested:
Which single player RPG would you like to see converted to the MMO format, if any? And is there room for such a game which doesnt contain orcs, elfs and wizards? An mmo in the FALLOUT universe would be interesting...
A Fallout MMO is being developed from what I understand.
We could discuss about Guild Wars 2 as a future competitor, or maybe about the lack of information about Guild Wars 2. I wonder what it will become. Guild Wars had quite a lot of players, compare it to the tons of Wannabe-WoW-challengers like Warhammer or AoC.

As I am officially bored by both GW1 and WoW, I am really looking forward to GW2. I just have the gut fear that they lose that special gameplay/feeling whatever thingy that made Guild Wars 1 so much fun for me. I think they already lost it over time in the expansions, and I did not like all hints of the direction they are taking in the final Eye of the North expansion
I started playing Atlantica Online this week, and I have to admit, I'm enjoying it (a Free game) more than WAR. There are things that I think are a problem, but overall, it doesn't feel as bad of a grind than WAR (as an example). The combat is squad based, and turned based (although there's a timer). The crafting is different, and experienced players are somewhat forced to help all of us newbies.

It's different enough as to be interesting. It may not be for everyone, but I think it definitely can be fun for a lot of us.
For a WoW wannabee, WAR sure shifted alot of copies - and if we take xfire for an example as tobold did - its numbers are starting to level out now that the people who dont like it have left. Let it be developed and grow for a while yet before judgement is passed. As for a Fallout MMO, that wouldnt involve Bethesda, as the original developers of Fallout retained the rights to an MMO version. Could be interesting, but people say that about everything.
I'm kind of worried about how guild wars 2 will go as well. It sounds like, from the information they've released, they're taking it in a more traditional MMO direction, and possibly dumping a lot of the stuff that makes Guild wars stick out.

Unlike the poster above me, I liked Faction and Nightfall better than the original one, though I do agree that all the profession specific titles, PvE only skills, and the other related grinding stuff in Eye of the North was a bad way to go. The PvE only skills do seem to goof up a lot of the funof putting builds together.

It also seemed that by Nightfall they were finally really putting the elements of the guild wars world together well, but Eye of the north with it'srandom other races did kind of goof that up as well.
Did you know that Pirates of the Burning Sea is still open? You'd never know it from reading the MMO blogs.
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