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Saturday, January 03, 2009
Starting the cult

After Ancient Gaming Noob's 2008 predictions of me becoming CEO of Blizzard didn't come true, his 2009 edition is predicting the Cult of Tobold, complete with two rivaling Wikis. You guys better hurry up with that, I don't even have my own Wikipedia entry yet! :)

Although I do think he right on the money with the last paragraph, quote: "A bemused and somewhat disturbed Tobold will find that he has no influence at all over any of these groups and, after a futile attempt to get them to “stop all this nonsense,” he will just ignore the whole thing and go back to his daily writings."
Very Life of Brian
"Very Life of Brian"

There's a mess here, but no messiah. A movie that has had much influence on me.

Hrmm, no Wikipedia entry on Tobold? Somebody will have to work on that.
Hrmm, no Wikipedia entry on Tobold? Somebody will have to work on that.

Don't think so. "Tobold" is a persona, not a person. I certainly don't want my real name and real biographic data spread all over the internet. Even in this age of lack of privacy, where people post compromising photos about themselves on Facebook / MySpace, I prefer to remain hidden behind an alias.
I read this blog because I find Tobald's opinions (mostly accurately) reflect the mainstream. Haven't been commenting much but I've been reading it about a year now.

I'm not a mainstream kind of person, so I doubt Tobald and I would get along well if we ever found ourselves in the same game, but that doesn't mean I can't respect him as a person and a writer.
> Life of Brian

One of the best movie endings ever :)
Cult of Tobold eh? I wonder if this is how Scientology started?! ;)
Mr. Tobold, may I have your autograph, please sir?

Better get used to the fame. Not that many people write well about games, although there are more this year than last. You definitely belong on the list, although I can't advise you to start signing photos so you have a stack to hand out to adoring fans. Not until 2010.
I already have a small bronze figurine of Tobold that i worship every night. So far my magic has worked - he keeps posting ;)
Massively did a piece on necessary complexity at 3pm on Jan 02. The cult of tobold is on track for 2009!
Orthodox Toboldoligy is the only true path.
sycaine is just kidding around mate
Self fulfilling prophecy right here apparently. You say there will be a cult, and people are like " Woo lets be the first members! " ...

High Priest of Tobold Danshir. Where is my big hat...?
I predict the "Cult of Tobold" will end with the simultaneous suicide of all guild officers and members quitting WoW. It can only end tragically.

Either that or Tobold manages to brainwash a minor celebrity to do his bidding for him.


where ixo's page? /cry
From Wikipedia: 05:30, 5 January 2009 User:NawlinWiki deleted "Tobold" ‎ (A7: No indication that the article may meet guidelines for inclusion)
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