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Tuesday, June 09, 2009
Aion NDA

I don't know how I did it, but I'm probably the only MMO player who didn't get an Aion beta key. Maybe I shouldn't have registered on the Aion Euro site, but gone directly for the US site? Anyway, I'm not in the Aion beta, so I didn't sign the NDA, which appears to be strict, in spite the large number of beta players. Lots of bloggers apparently would like to write more about Aion, but can't because of the NDA. I can write anything I want about Aion, but won't, because I didn't see it yet.

Well, at least people are apparently allowed to mention that there is an NDA and that they are in the beta. I've been in betas where even saying you were in the beta and that there was an NDA was no allowed. How do you answer a direct question of whether you are in the beta then? If you say "I can't talk about it", you are illegally revealing both that you are in the beta and that there is an NDA. So to comply you would have to resort to lying. Which means that you can't even believe me when I say that I'm not in the Aion beta. Maybe I am in the beta and I'm legally obliged to say that I'm not? I would have to go to some beta leaks site and post some confidential information from there here, thereby proving that I didn't sign the NDA.

Excuse me, I have to lay down now, this legal stuff is giving me headaches.
I can write anything I want about Aion, but won't, because I didn't see it yet.

Surely your many years of reading about computer games, blog comments, etc., have taught you that not having played the game has nothing whatsoever to do with being able to speak about it. :)
LOL, just LOL.
So if they deliberately exclude you I guess it must be a PvP game (since you don't really like PvP games, but do provide a good analysis of its features).

Conspiracy theory over....for now.
First minus for Aion IMO.
I didn't get in either, Tobold :(

I don't really understand their NDA (seems everyone is boggled by it) considering the game is out in the East. Anyone speak Korean?
I bet the NDA has this line:
-By playing this game you confirm that you are no lawyer.
They didn't let Tobold into beta because... They are scared to what the mighty Tobold wwould say once the NDA's been lifted!
Technically they can write whatever they want and just hot-link to information from another country's open release version of Aion.
My review

Grind, Quest, Global Cooldown Combat, with some added moves to dodge, craft, fly, Grind, Quest...

Did I mention Grind?

Kill 10 X?


Enjoy Aion!

(Note: Not an actual player of Aion, but using deduction skills based on hearsay, forum stalking and various other variations of calculation and comparison that equates to noting Aion is an "Eastern" MMO, thus, probability exists for "Sameness" through and through)
The combo system is kind of cool and gives a little twist to the combat. E.g. you can do one skill and you have 2 different follow up skills to choose from.

Quests are very standard MMORPG like, kill 5 of these, collect 10 of these droped by these. It got a very helpful tool to find the spots where the quest targets are accessible through links in the quest text.

And Aion has quite a few cut scenes scattered around the first 10 levels up to the wings quest. Thats how far I've come.

I'm not in the beta of Aion. I had the luck of playing the Korean version in an internet game room in Seoul. So I guess i don't breach any NDAs :)
I think I read on that writers aren't held by the NDA, which seems kind of backwards.

Either way, I want to give it a shot. I did hear, however, that it plays pretty much like Lineage II without the PvP, which would likely hold my attention for all of thirty-five seconds.

But flying's cool, so it might be worth a free-trial period.
As far as legality goes, "I cannot speak about that" is perfectly legal. I sit through depositions all the time where this is said. Sure, it gives someone an idea, but it is not the same thing as a direct admission. It is always better to say that you are bound by confidentiality, claim work product protection, claim attorney client privilege, etc. than to perjure your self.
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