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Saturday, January 09, 2010
Marriage or one-night stand?

As last year, 2010 will see the release of a bunch of MMORPGs of all sizes, from small Free2Play games to major releases of big game companies. There are already hundreds of MMORPGs to choose from. This raises the question of how to approach a new release of a game that sounds interesting. Are you looking to find the game that you will be playing for years to come? Or are you just looking for some quick fun, counting on leaving the game after a month or so?

If we compare trying out a new game to going on a date, are you hoping for that date to lead to marriage, or are you just looking for a one-night stand?
a "marriage" generally, for all games.

For me a big part of it is a "good value for the money" thing, I'd rather spend less on games that will last awhile than spend more money on games that won't last as long.
Both, actually. I find myself classifying games into two categories: Those that I can immerse myself in for an hour or two at a time, and those that are best enjoyed in short chunks. Unfortunately, MMOs generally belong in the first category and thus end up competing with all of the AAA titles out there. Conversely, the million indie/arcade games that I play can co-exist peacefully due to the minimal time requirements.

And then there's Torchlight, which throws a spanner in the works by delivering MMO-like content in short chunks..
"...which throws a spanner in the works by delivering MMO-like content in short chunks.."

I'm noticing this also, with almost all the single player games coming out now. And even the RPGs have some sort of crafting/housing/KTR quests. Makes it harder and harder to really get lost in an MMO, unless it has great PvP or your friends are all playing it. Those are the two biggest factors for me going into 2010, not 'just because its an mmo'.
Both, always.

I want one MMO where I'm going steady and several others that I'm flirting with.

I've been playing MMOs that way since I very first started and it seems to work for me.
I don't think I really equate gaming to sex or relationships :) Buuuut, if I had too, I'd probably say that I approach MMORPGs as relationships as single player games as one night stands. The difference being that I know single player games will end but I know MMORPGs won't and I always hope that they will be the one which keeps me interesting for months and years to come.
I have doubt I will get married again. It will probably end up as a 1 night stand. which imho is the new way of MMO's. Instead of playing games years, only half a year.
I am always looking for what I am serioiusly playing next. I have a hard time even playing an MMORPG if I cant see myself playing in 5 years.

This is part of my problem with wow, the expansions are always essentially hitting the reset button and trivilizing my accomplishments, so when I ponder embarking upon somrthing epic, I always wonder... great epic for how long?

..I can never get those 80 hours I spent grinding furborgs for feathers back when I was level 60.
Until SWTOR comes out I am looking for one nighters only, really. Like WoW was before, and Lotro was after that. It's still a shame Lotro divorced me though, and AoC isn't bad, especially when she's new, but she's a bit of a letdown in the long run. Great body and all, but a bit shallow, you know.

SWTOR might be the next married game, keeping Eve as a mistress.
A one night stand is not enough to really get sucked in to a game. I am prepared to commit to exclusivity for about a month but after that I want a looser relationship where I have the freedom to dally with other games.
For me, the most important feature is the people I meet in the game. What made me stay with WoW for so long is the friendships I made in the game. In this way, I suppose that I am similar to jeff above, but I think the difference is that I am looking to meet new people in the game itself, not just bring my real life friends, or friends from other games, along with me.
I'd actually have to go for the one night stands. Seeing as how I'm already in a committed polygamous relationship between WoW, LOTRO and, well, my actual husband, my matrimonial resources are stretched a bit thin.
Sorry, why are you even comparing the idea of commitment?

You commit with a RL woman because you want to build something together, with her.

I'll be harsh - news flash, your just one of a mmorpgs harem - one of an eleven million member harem, in one case. You aint going to be building anything with them. Your barely even a notch on a belt.

Honestly, if you want to parralel this to relationships, it's like the women who go 'Oh, he'll change, he'll change!'

He wont. It's not a marriage, FFS.
I've been looking for an MMORPG to stay with for quite a time. The last one I spent great amount of time with was EverQuest and ever since I've been trying games for few months and quit (even though I reached the max level on more than one character for many of them like WoW, CoH and others). But I couldn't spend continuous years playing these.
I treat games as a form of entertainment and, as such, I am influenced by how well the game is able to immerse me in it's world/setting/gameplay. It makes no difference if it's an MMO, or a single player game.

I'm of the opinion that it is up to the developer to provide me with that "first date" - in the form of a demo or free trial, and if they want my money, the demo/trial had better well deliver something that will convince me to attempt a circling of the bases towards that coveted homerun.
Playing an MMO is hardly comparable to a relationship with one person.

Better analogies would perhaps be a football fan vs football games and/or teams; a person who likes to listen to rock music and various rock bands.

Same as I do not watch sports exclusively one team playing, or just listen to one rock band, I do not aim to play one MMO exclusively for a long time.
The "committment" here may vary and the community and people in the game may affect that - but that I do generally not know for sure before I play.
As I have limited time, I basically play WoW. Have tried other games but I'm too used to WoW interface and all.

For me WoW is a marriage. I'm trying now to get some time for my Mindstorms as well and start to clean the system from WoW.. :)

But hey, Starcraft and Diablo are coming :)
@Chris. I really like your analogy of the MMO providers taking you on a first date. I think it really describes my opinions as well. On the broader subject. I tend to look at all games as a marriage. When I pick a game up, I am always picturing myself playing it for a very long time and really establishing my self in the world.

If I want a "one night stand" I am grabbing a console/single player game!
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