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Saturday, March 13, 2010
Bought a PS3

I'm over 3 years late to the party, but I finally bought a "next generation" console, a Playstation 3. My reason for not buying one earlier was that I couldn't think of any "must have" games, and that reason evaporated with Final Fantasy XIII coming out. I don't regret having waited so long, because the very first generation of the PS3 came with as little as 20 GB of hard disk, no WiFi, and cost $499 for the small HD version, $599 for the 60 GB version. Now I paid €324 for a 250 GB version which came with a game (Ratchet & Clank). And of course this "4th generation" or "slim" version comes without the leap year bug. Things I'm not so happy about is that the new PS3 isn't downward compatible at all any more, and can't be made region-free. But I'll just keep my old PS2 for that.

So right now I have two games, Ratchet & Clank and Final Fantasy 13. Other games I'd be interested in would be Eye of Judgement, Valkyria Chronicles, Disgaea 3, Cross Edge, and Civilization Revolution. I don't think I will buy Heavy Rain, I'm not into the serial killer scenario. Anyone know any more good turn-based strategy and role-playing games for the PS3?
you should try demon souls its not out in europe but the us version will play on the european ps3
Demon's soul?

*the* Demon's soul:

I doubt it
Valkyria Chronicles is great! Much better than ff13 for me... I hope 13 doesn't turn you off the PS3.

There's not a lot of turn based games on the PS3. You can pick up Vandal Hearts (a turn based RPG) on the PSN store.
There's a new turn-based rpg out called Resonance of Fate (well its out here in Japan) that's been getting great user reviews.

Otherwise, Demon's Souls is easily the best RPG I've played on the PS3 and worth a try. Just be prepared to try A LOT as it's quite difficult at first.
I heard there's quite a bit of strategy in XIII, could you do a post on your first impressions of the game?

Also, Settlers of Catan is on the PSN. You might enjoy that.
You just gained +53 popularity points with my Tobold by listing Disgaea.
Don't call FF XIII just XIII, Pangoria Fallstar. XIII is this: ;)
Congrats to your purchase, Tobold! I have about ten unfinished quality PS3 games in my living room right now. Damn you, Blizzard!

Anyway, one game that has seen a lot of playtime the last week is Greed Corp. You can download it from PSN, so you can try it already today ;)

Don't let the cute steampunky graphics fool you. This is a real strategy game that's highly accessible and the battles rarely take more than 15-30 minutes.

And Valkyria Chronicles, indeed. Unique combinations should always be rewarded!
Valkyria Chronicles appears to be rather ace, from current play.

I'd also recommend giving Mirror's Edge a good look. It's one of the most unique games of the last five years, with a really awesome feeling of freedom, speed and space. It doesn't quite work, but it fails at something really really impressive.
@Armagon, considering the conversation, I thought it safe to just say XIII instead of FFXIII. I simply typed as I would have said it (then again I could have just said FF13).

Quite annoying how literal an internet conversation has to be. If talking in the future is like this, we'll end up losing some of our humanity.
I bought the PS3 when GTAIV came out. So far I only own that and NCAA football (College American Football). I am just not a console gamer.

I don't regret it, though, I use it several times a week as an awesome Blu Ray player, and watch Netflix movies streamed over the Internet through it.
Disgaea 3 is very enjoyable, but don't expect anything other than a PS2-era Disgaea game that happens to be PS3-only, if that makes any sense.
Until I played Heavy Rain I called my PS3 the MetalGearSolid4 player because that was the only game that was ever played on it. PS3's game support has been absolutely terrible. Welcome to the club of those of us who have wasted our money ;)
I've been on the fence for a PS3 for awhile now. Let me know how FFXIII is
Want to add my support for Valkyria Chronicles. Great, great game, which deserves much more success than it's had. Anyone who reads this blog should give it a shot. It can be bought for $20 these days, so there's really no excuse not to try it.

I've just started FFXIII, can't tell if I like it or not. I'm only through the first hour, so I think I'm still in the intro/tutorial. I"m hoping for more depth/strategy later on.
if by turn based strategy you mean STREET FIGHTER 4 THEN HELL YEAH I KNOW A GOOD GAME FOR YOU.

oh wait... I just got FF13 too, and am liking it so far. At first combat was so streamlined I thought just hitting X over and over would be good enough, but I just unlocked the magic trees, and have set the 'default combat option' to 'abilities', and am having more fun choosing specific attacks.

The only game I would suggest anyone play at least once is Little Big Planet. Media Molecule deserves recognition for that title, and it's not like they didn't get it, but it's definitely a 'must play once'. If co-op platformers aren't something you and Mrs. Tobold can enjoy together, then just rent it or something.
Check out the downloadable content - the stuff by PixelJunk is exceptional... There's a couple great tower defense games, and of course Fat Princess...

The PS3 is a pretty great console and has a lot of nice games for it now. I can certainly recommend Little Big Planet.

Do you plan on watching blu-rays on it?
Not sure what type of RPGs you are into but I am currently playing White Knight Chronicles and it's pretty cool. It has an online element to it that scratches that mmo it for me. Also if you don't have Borderlands I would say pick that up. That game is awesome.
Fallout 3
Fallout 3
Fallout 3
The best thing i can say, if you have a good internet connection, is to download whatever demos you are curious about. There are most for whatever games out there.

Even though they aren't what you mentioned, Uncharted 2 is beyond awesome, and Heavy Rain is unlike anything else. At least give them a rent or demo if you don't want to buy.
Remember mate, that many BluRay's are region free, as are many PS3 games I beleive (though you may want to check that as I mostly get games on the 360).

See, - they show which disks are region free. Handy if you've got to go the states for work and want to check which titles you'll be able to purchase and bring home :)

Not sure on the turn based games, think you've got most of them. I know there are also White Knight Chronicles and Star Ocean (J-RPGs), but no idea if they are traditional turn based or action based, and neither have reviewed well (but then nor did FFXIII in a lot of place and I'm enjoying it regardless!!!).

Demon Souls has been mentioned, but note that AFAIK you'll need to import it (not available in Europe) and it's a very hardcore action game, not turn based. So you may not enjoy it.
I would love to hear your impressions on FFXIII, I saw a review on TechTV and it "looks" good but I'm not sure if it's too twitchy for me.

The main use of my PS3 is for streaming movies and TV shows off my computer using PS3 Media server ( Aside from that use I don't really play console games.
Valkyria Chronicles is an amazing game, don't let the MMOs get in the way of playing that one.

Also, you may want to check out Flower on the PSN. It's a "casual" game, but the artistic value is fantastic, not to mention it's a lot of fun.
Fallout 3 was good, but so far nothing has compared to the Mass Effect games. Hopefully Bioware will get it out on PS3 platform. I'll be a fan of Mass Effect series for a long time. I'll be trying out FFXIII and Dragon Age next. I'm leaning more towards FFXIII, because everyone has stated the same thing have in a later post that they have a great story. Storyline is the biggest win for me.
@ Dwism

Most horrible review he has ever done, more so then is contradictory SSBB review (where he says it is a stupid button masher and then a minute later says it is too complex. not that I disagree with him disliking it, SSBB isn't as good as Melee). Sadly that guy is going down hill.

I find it odd that his favourite game was SH2 and likes hard adventure games yet he cannot get past the first level of Demon's Souls.
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