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Saturday, April 17, 2010
Volunteer needed to update EVE guide

Gravity from pwnwear, a World of Warcraft Death Knight tanking blog, also has a site with an EVE newbie guide, targeted specifically at WoW players, to help them over the culture shock. But as he isn't playing EVE any more, he asked me to spread the word that he is looking for a volunteer to update and maintain it. If that would be something you'd like to do, you can contact him at
Hi all,
note I am very willing to remove all ads (they generate barely any money, anyhow) if a maintainer takes it on.
In fact, I removed them already.
Nice guide Gravity. I consulted it myself when I started out playing EVE.

I am not an active player at the moment though so I can't offer my services although I did spot one thing that is out of date: The guide recommends Quickfit as a ship fitting tool but Quickfit is no longer maintained and EFT has become the standard fitting tool nowadays.
Great site you have here, dont think anyone loves mmorpgs more than me

Good work
@mbp, thanks, but I'm sure that's just one of the many out-of-date items. So much to fix.
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