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Monday, August 02, 2010
Poll: What kind of articles do you like most?

I'm back from holidays, and planning to get the blog back to a daily schedule of posts. But with lots of readers being busy playing Real Life ®, and companies waiting for the fall to release new games, I'm wondering what kind of blog posts you are currently most interested in. General MMORPG game design theory posts? News reporting? "Journal" type of posts about my daily thoughts and experiences on playing a specific game? Or something completely different?

So, help me to get the blog back on the road after the summer holidays and give me some input what kind of articles you like most and would like reading here.
I enjoy your interpretive thoughts on various game mechanics. Your series on EVE was very interesting, even though I've never played it I liked reading about the mechanics and what they meant. I hope that makes sense :).

But ah...I don't think I've ever skipped any of your posts, so whatever you decide to write will likely be worth reading.
Similar to Craig: game design and mechanics.
I always like your design ideas. It's what brought me to your blog in the first place.
Game design/infrastructure. Everything else is all opinion.
Choosing content for YOUR blog is your choice and yours only.

Asking the readers to be your editors is a very bad idea, not only because it encourages trolls to demand you to post this or that, but because no one can write good posts about something he does not care.

BTW the winner of the poll will be: "blood elf porn lol"
Variety is the spice of life.

Write about whatever you are interested in, I'm pretty sure it will interest me too.
Blood elf porn, but if not that then game design. Always inspires me.

Actually, I think all of your suggestions should be followed, including something different.

Tobold is best when he writes as Tobold.

(But if you do happen to run across Blood elf porn, send me a note, k?)
BTW the winner of the poll will be: "blood elf porn lol"

Your predictions consistently are wrong, because you have no idea of behavioral economics. Somebody writing an economic blog really should be aware of the Ricardian principle of "comparative advantage". My readers have no indication that I would be any good at writing blood elf porn, thus they will rather demand posts based on my previous writing about subjects where they thought I was good at writing about.
(But if you do happen to run across Blood elf porn, send me a note, k?)

Obviously NSFW:
I think I enjoy the journal type posts talking about your personal experiences with games the most, but I like the game design ones too. :)
I changed my vote: I DEMAND blood-elf porn as well!!
If no one had mentioned it blood elf pr0n wouldn't even be here. Self-perpetuating much?

Anyway, journal pieces and design posts.
Blood elf...

Oh wait.

My favourite articles use reviews of games I'm familiar with to discuss game mechanics.
Well your articles on game mecanics are often interesting, but you do those on your own, so I vote blood elf porn for a change !

Seems like a decent challenge :P
blood elf porn ! lol !!!one!
Btw, I mentioned game design and mechanics as what I'm interested in. In particular, I remember reading an article talking about Sandboxes and Theme Parks. It wasn't only the post itself that was interesting, but the comments generated extremely intelligent discussion.

I'm more interested in high-level game design. Implementation discussions are ok as well, but I'm more into concepts than ideas.
Anything that generates an interesting discussion.
"u need 2 post belf porn lol"
u need 2 post belf porn lol
You seriously need more blood elf porn lol

And thats in a very serious note
u need 2 post belf porn lol
Detailed description on the underside of the mmo business.

in ergo elf porn
Detailed description on the underside of the mmo business.

in ergo elf porn
go for belf porn for sure
Mostly game design (without restrictions to MMOs). However, everything you suggested should interest me.

And I liked your (rare) posts about blogging and the mmos blogging community. (But it might be an unsafe topic in the next days, since another blogger's sent his followers to post here today).
Self-fulfilling prophecies are still true.

Game design and how the devs can integrate more elf porn.
Gevlon told me to ask for elf porn, lol.
Gevlon is trolling your poll, asking us all to ask you for Blood Elf porn. Your writing is the most interesting when it provides a new perspective, and so, while it's no help to you, I'm going to refrain from suggesting.
I like how gevlon is seeking to lecture on how to blog.

His post today was supporting spamming your site when you're asking for a legitimate response from your readers.

Obviously the end decision is yours but to ask readers for what they want is a great way to increase interactions and discussion.

Gevlon is poking for hits by being an ass.

The way you blog and communicate dictates who you attract to your blog. Want know it alls and drama queens? That's all I see at gevlon's blog. Lol with their 4k gold a week sophisticated strategies god I still lol at that.

On topic- tobold I love when you discuss what fun is in an mmorpg. Ive written games and I can tell you that this is the most interesting and difficult part. Your articles on it were really well done.
Homosexual Blood elf porn (everyone knows that blood elves only have hetero sex for procreation).

Spice it up with a little Worgen with it for some of the more fringe readers.
Blood elf Porn!!!
Gevlon, as usual, feels threatened by open discussion. If he can't control it, he wants it to go away.

I'd be interested in hearing about how customer feedback plays out in other MMOs. After Blizzard's clumsy attempt at introducing RL names into the forums, and their hasty retreat when the realized they'd badly misjudged the feelings of their customers, I'd be curious to know if other companies have similar issues, and how hey handle them.
bloodelf pr0n!!1!!11!!
This comment has been removed by the author.
Gevlon does have a point though. Earlier didn't you have a problem with commenters being unhappy that you weren't writing what they wanted you to write, and so you were all "this is my blog and I'm going to write what I want to write!"

Well, why don't you keep writing what you want to write? I mean, blood elf porn is an extreme example, but what would you do if your readers wanted something out of you that you didn't want to write? Follow it and be unhappy, or ignore it and do what you want?

You've tossed the term "Comparative Advantage" around a couple of times, but to be frank, you don't really offer anything I can't get elsewhere except for one thing: yourself. So I'd say just do what you want to do and what you've been doing.
How is it that the blind Gevlon, always blogging about anti-social this, anti-social that, ends commanding a horde of sheeps that immediatly obbey his command while thinking they're doing something else?

So much anti-sociability must have fried their brains.
Hey why don't you write how you make gold in wow? I just put up my blogging carnival and it has gotten a great response so far, perhaps you could toss your hat into the ring as well.
I like the interesting observations and analysis of (partially mechanics) but more about the players and who does what and why. I think mechanics does impact that a fair amount. I like to see your activities and your achievements. I really like to see your failures. Those stories turn out to be the most epic. One that I share with you is trying to get past the EVE tutorial. Epic fail. But very memorable.
Well, why don't you keep writing what you want to write?

I've been accepting suggestion for posts in the Open Sunday Threads for a long time. There is a big difference between allowing readers to suggest what to write, and allowing them to prevent me from writing certain things.

Self-fulfilling prophecies are still true.

It's not even "self"-fulfilling, Gevlon had to actively ask the readers of his blog to come here and demand blood elf porn. Which actually invalidates his point that asking random people is bad, because the response isn't random but organized.
Blood Elf porn, by far.
Does this make Gevs a M&S because he's boosting your blog?

So, about that blood elf porn.
... actually, after some more thought, now I too are immensely curious as to what blood elfy shenanigans you would write about.
Anything but news.

I appreciate hearing your thoughts about game design in general, comparisons of one game or one game mechanic to another, your journal about your activities, but news I can always get else where. However if you have insightful commentary on the news that's cool.

Also blood elf porn. ;)
u need 2 post belf porn lol!
You also got Gevlon to respond and tell you what he wanted you to write about... what you want to write about.

Therefore he answered your question anyway.
Almost everything you've written on has been interesting. Game mechanics and design, MMORPG econonmics, personal experiences (in and out of game). I wasn't very interested in the Magic posts.

I am very interested in the psychology of what makes a good game.

Blood elf porn? meh. I think Gevlon secretly wants to write some fanfic on that. After all what's he going to do now that he's killed the Lich King?
Journal-type posts with thoughts and experiences interests me the most. Followed closely by the other ideas you mentioned.

They're an overabundance of blood elf pron on the internet already.
I'm interested in your opinion where online gaming is going in the next few decades. If you were an investor, what types of companies would you be supporting?

What technologic hurdles are holding developers back from providing a more realistic/interesting/compelling virtual experience? Who is working on these hurdles?

BTW, "porn" (belfs included) has been an economic driver of nearly every print/visual media advance since drawing in the dirt with a stick.
Definitely blood elf porn... with animals.

Gotta go for the shock value, ya know?
I'm guessing that Gevlon pulled that stunt as a precursor to a blog post of his own. It would be funny if the topic was about how easy it is to get M&S to do as you ask.

As for a suggestion for your next blog post, the early suggestions regarding game mechanics or design philosophy seem to be the best ones.
>Does this make Gevs a M&S because he's boosting your blog?

No, as long as it was a conscious decision with legitimate justification. And I'de say that boosting awareness of Tobold's blog is in no way harmful to the green guy.

>It would be funny if the topic was about how easy it is to get M&S to do as you ask.

No it wouldn't, he's already made tons of posts about that in his many how-to-abuse-the-M&S-thought-process articles. The 'prisoner's dilemma' is a good recent one.

Anyways, after thinking through and reading some of the suggestions so far, I still think blood elf porn lol is the best suggestion. Video game porn seems to be the one thing Tobold hasn't recently touched on.

Or he could go with 'ways to implement olfaction into video games.'
All of them
Belf porn plox.
"It's not even "self"-fulfilling, Gevlon had to actively ask the readers of his blog to come here and demand blood elf porn. Which actually invalidates his point that asking random people is bad, because the response isn't random but organized."
I was trying to be sarcastic to mock Gevlon, but clearly I failed at delivery. And since I stopped reading his blog a few weeks back I didn't know he'd made a post. Having searched, I'd have missed it anyway, since it's buried in yet another circle-jerk.
To be honest If your looking for ideas, theres something wrong. Why not write about what you are currently playing/doing and just give funny stories as you come across them in game that are amusing. Oh wait I just described my favourite blogger the noisy rogue. Elf porn is ridiculous, but I think I might start following you, to see what you do come up with.
FWIW, I most appreciate your detailed exploits in games. And of course game design thoughts.
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