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Saturday, September 18, 2010
Nothing to add

Read this!
Missing Link anyone? :)
I'm curious why this quote warrants a post from you, when I (and others) have said exactly the same thing in previous comments.

Which, at that time, you completely ignored.
Her rant and Mod Squad post seems anti-derivative, but derivative games are what make the market go. They key is in HOW they are derivative. Here's a list of games that are derivative + something else.

* UO = MUD + graphics
* Everquest = MUD + 3D
* DAOC = Everquest + compelling PVP
* WOW = everything + high production values

The key is in the "+ something else." In all those cases, I'd argue people either didn't know they wanted the additional features, or didn't believe they were possible. So, being derivative is fine, as long as it's on a vector nobody expects.
Just for the record, I thought that was a good quote.
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