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Thursday, October 21, 2010
Minecraft besieged

A group of players is trying to bring down the Minecraft servers with a distributed denial of service attack because they feel that the guy who single-handedly wrote the program isn't adding content fast enough. No comment, I'm speechless about this degree of sense of entitlement.
When the internet can carry damn fine punches I will be a happy man. Especially if I have a personal force-field to stop the ones coming for me ;)
Umm, that is the stupidest way of getting added content...

Depending on the emotions of the creator, that could also be a sure fire way of stopping him from ever touching Minecraft ever again.
I just love the logic of "We want more Minecraft content, lets hack this guys site so he has to spend time figuring out the problem and trying to fix it instead of creating content.
Like amuntoth said, this is a surefire way to get less content. Not only are they distracting him from creating content, they're also denying what content there is to other players.
If they put their efforts into making the content instead would that not be better use of their time. Too easy to be destructive.
I guess these guys aren't the sharpest tools around. Talk about getting the opposite of what you wanted.

And in any case it's stupid because he should be able to work at his own pace. It might be frustrating sometimes but so what?
That's just awful :(
Dev: "Here, have a cookie. Free!"

Jackass: "Wow, thanks! This is really good. Can I have another one?"

Dev: "Sure, it'll just take 15 minutes to bake."

Jackass: "OMG! Gimme cookie nao or I punch ur face in!"

Dev: "Hey, I'm not magic. I have to bake the cookie. Give me a few."

Jackass: "ZOMGWTFBBG blargle blargle" *nerd rage continues* "You sh@t f^&@&*!!"

Oh dear, this might take a while.

15 minutes later . . .

Jackass: *still venting his spleen on the dev*

Dev: "Here. It's a cookie. Take it. God. Now go away."

Jackass: "About time! Good thing I was motivating you or you'd have never gotten that cookie done!"

Dev: "No more free cookie for you."
I love Minecraft, and purchased it about a month or so ago.

Personally, I hope Notch just sits around enjoying the income he's received from the ALPHA game he's still developing until the 12 year olds DDoSing his sites get bored of it.

I have no problem waiting for additional content, as I understand it is ONE guy coding an ALPHA game.

It's probably a bunch of bored WoW kids upset that they can't start grinding levels/ rep/ professions/ gear yet, and are tired, uncreative Minecraft tourists.

Here's hoping Notch just takes a vacation until the attacks stop, or Cataclysm is released early.
Sounds like they've just given him an excuse to take a holiday and use some of his new fortune.

I wonder if there will ever be a way to stop DDoS attacks =(
To be fair, it's good that Mojang Specifications will be thinking ahead about security concerns mere months (if that) after forming.

That said, if the stated goal was the attackers' actual goal, wow, they're doin' it wrong.
@n1ck - if he sells it, can it really be called an alpha? To me alpha is the first phase of testing, usually amongst friends and familly. Once you start charging people for it and giving access to anyone who pays that's a released product.

its an alpha. that means that it is a very early, functioning version of the game.

it is being sold for 10 Euros, which is half the price it will be at release, and will provide you full access to the complete, released version. you support the little kids ddossing the minecraft servers because they aren't getting as much content in an alpha as they have arbitrarily decided they deserve?

are you kidding?

are you one of them?
Tell the Minecraft operator to contact his local authorities.

The players may found out there can be very serious consequences from trying to deny someone trying to perform legal commercial activities.
@n1ck - I've never played minecraft and haven't dos'ed anyone in my life. I'm glad that one guys game can be such a huge success and I'm as much against kids that feel entitled to anything as any sane person, but as someone who's starting his career in software development I'm against charging people for participation in alpha or beta testing - it's something you usually need to pay others to do for you. Can you imagine Blizzard charging people for participating in the beta and what outcome it would have? Instead of good feedback you get angry kids.

Last I checked you have to be an active subscriber to participate in the WoW betas. How's that not charging for it?
Minecraft is already more than worth its $10. Everything we get in the future is just a nice extra.

But there will always be dicks running around.
@Oscar well you can either say that Blizz is not charging WoW subscribers anything for the beta, or that it charges all of us, depending on how cynical you are. I don't know anyone who subscribed to WoW just to participate in the beta.
Participating in a WoW beta takes time away from your regular WoW activities; you pay in minutes and hours, after having already paid to access their commercially released version.

I'm not sure exactly how you mean. In order to play the WoW beta, you have to pay for it. And as a matter of fact, this doesn't lead to angry kids. Quite the contrary, those "kids" are overcome with joy if they are given the opportunity to participate.

Basically, there's no cheating going on here on the developer's side. He's created a game, he tells everyone it's unfinished, he let's everyone try it, then he offers them more features by paying a relatively modest amount. Not a bad deal.

Also, note the terms he put up: paying 10 euros will get you access to the full game as it is now and all updates at any point in the future. The full release price is set at 20 euros. So if you dislike the whole paying-for-alpha deal, consider it a 50% pre-order discount.

Anyway, here's my prediction of the day: if Notch actually stops releasing more updates now that he's made himself such a handsome pile of cash, much of the support he receives now will erode very quickly :)
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