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Wednesday, November 10, 2010
EVE Clone?

Chris has an interesting look at Perpetuum as an EVE clone over at Levelcapped. As anything I say about EVE is being interpreted as hostile by the fanbois, I decline any comment. So check out Chris' post instead.
I'm pretty sure that the folks at CCP would agree with you on the merit's of cloning Eve, especially it's UI. They even blogged about how it sucks.
I love Eve - it's the only MMO that's ever held my interest longer than a few months.

I love your blog - I've been reading it for years.

Ignore the haters.
I finished all the introduction missions to the game. It definitely has the same UI and feel as Eve.

The skill points are done slightly different. Instead of learning one skill (called Extensions in Perpetuum) at a time you accumulate one Extension Point (EP) per minute. If there is a cap to how many EP you can accumulate or store without spending I did not see it. Each extension seems to have 10 ranks and they can be purchased with EP points. So far I have not found any Eve style "learning" skills, thank god.

The mining that I did was kind of confusing, and the forums indicate that mining is kind of broke right now and needs fixed. You first have to scan an area, which takes one form of ammo, and then you have to scan tiles within that area, which takes a different form of ammo, then you need to target an individual tile and activate your mining laser, which consumes a 3rd form of ammo.

The community was helpful and polite both on the forums and in game. There was 113 people in Beta General chat at 7PM EST today, so do not expect this game to shatter any release records. The client itself will be free and the subscription will be €8.95/$9.95, and for early subscribers you will get an additional 7 days of early access. Early access goes live on the 18th. If you are looking for a Mech land warfare version of Eve with a couple twists this might be the game for you. Personally I will play the beta a bit more before I make up my mind, though the 9.99 sub without having to buy a box certainly makes it easier to bite the bullet and dive in.

Here is the beta development blog for anyone that is interested.
Any news or updates on what happened or is happening with this game?
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