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Sunday, November 21, 2010
Pilgrim's Bounty

I am not a lore geek, and in general when given the choice between making a feature more playable or more immersive, I'll vote for playable. Having said that, I find it rather strange that the Thanksgiving-themed holiday event Pilgrim's Bounty is going on in the middle of the Shattering leading to the Cataclysm. Right now, standing in front of cities like Stormwind or Orgrimmar during an elemental invasion, you can see the city burning in the background with NPC citizens fleeing in terror. At the same time another NPC crowd is standing in front of the gates demanding to be let in, for a quest that requires you to search them. And right next to them there are the Pilgrim's Bounty tables having people throw food at each other. Isn't that somewhat incongruous?

Rumors have it that the actual Shattering of Azeroth into pieces, with zones breaking up and Deathwing appearing, will happen on Tuesday. And the Pilgrim's Bounty holiday event will still be going on for the whole week. Strange!
My theory is that now Blizzard has implemented the seasonal holidays in a way that makes them appear automatically at the same time without anyone having to work anything. That means a holiday *not* appearing would mean that they would have to work to turn it off.
I guess they don't like having to work so people have actually fewer content than if they wouldn't do anything at all.
What'd be even more weird is if the shape of the landscape changed (canyons opening up, hills sprouting) but the NPCs still appeared in their old positions, possibly floating in the air etc.
What better place for a feast than outside the city that everyone is fleeing?
I love you Tobold ;)
Its a comment on our selfish do nothing society where horrible things can happen and people near by are more likely to whip out a cell phone and video tape it then actually help.
My guess is as good as yours, but I'd say it's an indication that the shattering will happen on nov. 30, rather than next tuesday.
This is Blizzards explanation:

While we understand that this is a troubling time for Azeroth, we still encourage everyone -- perhaps while you're fleeing from those rampaging elementals -- to sit down and enjoy the holiday's tidings. After all, if you don't give thanks for all the good things in your life, the Twilight's Hammer cultists win.
Nice to see a post here where I just go "Yeah, that's pretty incongruous"
Well, the way I see it is technically the razing of Orgrimmar and being attacked by the elements only happens "once", they just have to replay the same thing over and over again for game play purposes, so people will have the chance to take part.

That being said, since that is kind of strattling this Thanksgiving-themed event, you could say that the event was planned, and even set up before Orgrimmar (or Stormwind or wherever) was attacked and they didn't really know what or when it was coming.

You could put the cultist resurgence before Pilgrim's Bounty, but is a few cultists here and there enough to stop a holiday from happening? When was the last time a holiday in the real world was stopped because of a little uncouth behavior happening somewhere in the world? It doesn't happen very often, if ever, otherwise we would never have any holidays.

So, from a lore or role-playing perspective, it can be explained away with a little imagination.

Now, when "The Shattering" happens, that's a whole other story...I would find it hard to believe that the event would still be going on after that occurs, however, what someone said above is likely the case - the event was set in stone who knows how many months or years ago, to happen exactly this week every year.

(I tend to think that "The Shattering" will happen on the 30th instead of tomorrow, simply because if anything goes wrong it's right before a major holiday and that combination can be bad for everyone, but I could be wrong.)

As far as tables and such staying at their old locations and appearing to "float" in mid air if the surrounding terrain changed, I'm pretty sure Blizzard thought of this as they were adjusting other objects in the area, that they would have to reassign locations to the holiday props if the area changed.

That being said, the areas that these tables are set up in for this holiday event don't change much, if at all.
In my opinion the real reason for this taking place is once again the lowest common denominator.

Nobody is nowadays seriously upset about the Pilgrims' Bounty happening next to the burning capital. But some might be very upset about that holiday event they waited for for one year not taking place now. After all, they need this for their achievement (!!11).

As a general rule, it is always better to annoy a lot of subscribers a little bit, than a few a lot.

This is the same reason that explains a love affair in every (f***ing) hollywood movie.
Yeah, I can't see Blizz redoing a particular holiday just for one cycle just because it landed during the shattering but at the same time, talk about a wasted opportunity.

Pilgim's bounty could have been turned into a whole big, feed the destitute and care for the homeless kind of thing. They could have even even tried to find a way to tie it all to raising cash for a charity like Food for the Poor.

Yeah, it would have been a lot of work. But it would have been absolutely unforgetable. And every other company would be gnashing their teeth and wishing they had the resources to pull it off.
I agree with you, but the city events are bothering me in general. (Here's where I whine.)

The first few times, it was fun, but now it's just a DRAG. Every couple hours, the mailbox, bank, auction house, etc. (basically all the reasons you go to the capitals) are unavailable. It is a PAIN IN THE BEHIND. I think they should have saved these events for the week before the expansion. The consensus in trade and guild chat seems to agree with me - it was fun at first, now it's just tiresome.

Usually I love Blizzard's world events, so this is a notable exception.

Re: Pilgrim's Bounty, I am enjoying it - especially the 10% bonus to reputation gain buff you get by stuffing yourself at the table! Very helpful for those Kalu'ak dailies. ;-)
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