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Friday, February 04, 2011
Not a blogroll

I don't have a blogroll, mainly because I believe it is better to link to specific posts on other blogs with commentary than to just link to the whole blog. Also blogs come and go, and it is hard to keep a permanent list updated. But I do follow various blogs with the help of the Google Reader, and I just updated that list, throwing out several blogs that hadn't written any posts in 2011 yet. So I found a working OPML to HTML converter, exported the Google Reader subscription lists as OPML, and can thus now post that list here:If you are reading other blogs that you think I should look at, feel free to link to them in the comment section of this post. Pro tip: The comment section uses HTML, so if you want that link to be clickable, you'll need to use the correct HTML tags around it, e.g. <a href="">Tobold's Blog</a>
Not sure if you still read up on the economics of WoW, I post daily gold making articles at WoW Confidential.

See if it's up your alley.

I'm also a long time reader and it's nice hearing your stories back in the EQ days, nothing compares to the PvP of Sullon Zek where you could loot players corpses and open world pvp meant something.
A few that might interest you.

Tales of the Rampant Coyote is a favorite of mine. Game developer who turned part-time indie. He does some great posts about older RPGs, if that's something you're interested in.

Lost Garden by Dan Cook. Insight from a game designer who used to work at Microsoft. Just started his own company. Some pretty cool articles, but he doesn't post that often. He'd fail your "hasn't posted in 2011" test; but, like me, individual posts cover a lot of ground.

Otherwise, your list looks a lot like mine. ;)
Do you only read MMO blogs or did you just leave out anything not MMO related? The latter would surprise me greatly.
You should check out

I'm in the middle of a redesign and reorganizing it into a small group blog.

Oh, and Wolfshead Online has some very good posts too.
Thanks Tobold, I found a couple of new ones in there for myself to follow.

To be honest I've started using my the blogroll on my own blog as a sort of RSS reader!

Friend has a blog, suppose it's primarily a WoW blog, but he does talk about other games and he's good at the writing thing. Worth a look :)

Fun in Games
Hello Tobold. Have a look at my blog Cryonite Cove

It covers Pirate Galaxy which may just creep into your scope. Thanks for the list so I can visit them and pinch ideas.
You should post your OPML file so I and others can import in into reader. :)

Great list, btw!
Thanks. Added some to my own blogroll.
I'll second Psychochild's and Jaedia's recommendations and add another developer blog:
Above 49

His latest series of articles about actions mattering are great, and he has a lot of classics in the archive.
I gotta pimp my blog - but come by sometime next week, ok? We've been sick and our content sparse this week!

My husband and I blog together about our WoW experiences, sometimes have helpful content and guides, sometimes post whatever comes to mind, like whiteboard art comics or silly posts or rants.

- Analogue,
I found some new blogs because of your list. Thanks for that.

Systemic Babble is one of my favorite gaming blogs anywhere. He writes about other things as well, but the gaming section is always very interesting.

Professor Beej mixes pop culture and academics in astounding ways. Gaming is one of his topics, but books, television shows, and movies get just as much attention. Very worth your time.

A Green Mushroom is my blog about (mostly) gaming. You're actually the one that inspired me to start it about a year ago. My thoughts stopped fitting in your comment boxes. I cover whatever I'm playing or thinking about playing.
er - I meant the former would surprise me, you seem to be fairly informed on current events XD
Thanks for mentioning Red Skies. Makes me feel more part of the community discussion.
Yep, I'd appreciate the OPML file too
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I think MMO Tomb is worth checking!
I can wholeheartedly recommend Shamus Young's Twentysidedtale
The bad boy of the blogosphere. It's a me...Rivs.

High Latency Life
Oh hey I made the list. Thanks Tobold. I guess this is one more prod for me to get back on track with posting this year and maybe get rid of those damn | around my page title.
pwnwear? You play a DK tank?
No, Tobolod's not a DK tank but he and I share some other interests about MMO markets that I blog about, less often.
I run a blog called Volatile Mode if you'd so be interested.
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