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Monday, June 20, 2011
Active Age of Conan account frozen

I just received a curious e-mail from Funcom, telling me that my "active Age of Conan account was frozen". They suggested this might have happened because I failed to pay. This is strange, because I most definitively cancelled my AoC account already back in 2008, after finding out that Funcom had conned me with the old bait & switch trick: The post level 20 game of AoC was completely different from the game up to level 20 which was available in the beta.

Now apparently Funcom tried to charge my credit card again. I must consider myself fortunate that the credit card I gave them in 2008 has expired by now. I rather have a strange "Active Age of Conan account frozen" mail than having to try to recover a charge on my credit card I never agreed to. I can only assume their accounting mess is related to their switch to Free2Play.

Anybody else here received a similar mail?

[UPDATE: I verified on the Funcom account page, and they really tried to charge me $14.99 for a 1-month recurring subscription I never signed up for. I find that inacceptable. If you played Age of Conan in the past and have since cancelled, you might want to check the payment history page on the Funcom account website.]

[UPDATE 2: Funcom support e-mail reply: Sorry for the delay, we have deactivated your account, and removed the failed payment. Thank you for the email, and we hope you are able to enjoy your day despite the circumstances.]
More likely, it's just a byproduct of their recent "Come back and see how good it is now!" promotion, where they gave everyone who ever had an account one free month, thus reactivating those accounts.

Then when they went to try and charge you for continuing to play, there wasn't any card to charge, thus email.

Although, strangely, i haven't gotten any mail or anything, despite also having an old AoC account.
Nope.. although I canceled at the same time and for the same reason you did.
I suppose I should check my CC statement a bit more carefully now. If they try to charge me for the month after a comeback month that I didn't use I'll go ballistic.
Best to log into your funcom account and look at your billing history to know for sure.
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A few months ago they did a free week to promote the expansion, I even got an email telling me I could login and play immediately. I followed their link and logged into my account to find it was frozen and unplayable. I didn't bother to mess around with it, just gave up.
You can guarantee you have NOT been hacked...right??

This is how my EQ2 account flew after being hacked.

Food for thought.
Ha, you inspired me to check my account..just to be sure. It was still frozen, and no attempts were made to collect money..pfew
Same thing happened to me recently. I positively cancelled my account, but received a notice that my account was frozen. Turns out they had tried to charge me on an old credit card.
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