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Wednesday, December 28, 2011
Tiny Token Empires

While looking for an accessible, turn-based strategy game, I stumbled upon Tiny Token Empires. Brilliant game, mixing turn-based strategy with a "Match 3" puzzle game. This mix of puzzle game with another type of game already worked quite well in Puzzle Pirates, Puzzle Quest, and Might & Magic Clash of Heroes. And Tiny Token Empires shows that it works equally well for turn-based strategy games as it works for role-playing games.

I picked the game up for €9.95 in a shop. You can download a demo of the PC version on their website, but you'll find no info there on the digital distribution. I've seen the PC digital download version for $19.95 on and much cheaper at Wild Tangent Games, but I don't really like Wild Tangent's business model where you have to buy WildCoins first. The game is available on Mac, iPhone, and iPad via the Apple app store; but the iPhone version appears to sell you a basic version of the game for cheap, and then sells you the campaigns extra.

In any case, I can recommend trying the free demo. If you like games with puzzle elements, and turn-based strategy, this is quite a gem!
on a side note (since we're talking turn-based strategies) i'd recommend Woodland Heroes in Facebook

it's very fun to play, because of plentiful energy and almost 100% self-reliance, although i suspect it's not doing well as a social game because of these things

anyway - check it out, you might like it
Already playing that. I was surprised that this was the first game I've seen using the Battleships game mechanic for combat.
There's a Mac version too; a rarity.
Tobold, if you like old school war-games chek out Battle for Wesnoth (

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