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Thursday, February 23, 2012
Guild Wars 2 Beta

Yesterday I received a mail inviting me to sign up for the Guild Wars 2 Beta. Hmmm, with so many games and so long development times I can't even remember whether I signed up for such an e-mail alert. So when I click the link and am asked to download and run Scannertron.exe to scan my system, I am naturally suspicious. But going manually to the Guild Wars 2 website I end up with the same request. And googling for Scannertron.exe doesn't give any special virus warnings. So I decided the thing must be legit and signed up for the beta.
Yep me too! As a DAoC RvR player/fan + former GW 1 player I'm getting excited a bit with release of all that closed Beta2 info. Moving caster combat, dodging, WvWvW and pretty world.

Also gettin tired of the monthly payment schedule current MMOs have.. so GW2 sounds promising and fitting to fit my game needs.
I signed up too. GW2 is my last hope for a genre that has gotten stuck in a rut.
Didn't really intend to do beta, but just a few button presses and I found I'd signed up: Still I don't think that everyone who signs up will get an invite.
Looking at the videos from the press beta, GW2 looks very promising. The starting area videos on are well done and quite funny two.

Also WvWvW looks looks like it could be fun. Have a look for videos on the aggregration page:
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Good luck. Signed as well. Massively stated GW2 had a million beta signups!
Based on what I've seen and read I'm not sure this is the game for you, there appears to be a lot of movement and split second decision making, I fear GW2 may be too twitchy for you.
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