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Friday, September 14, 2012
Chuck Norris as a panda

The famous Chuck Norris World of Warcraft commercial turns out to have a flaw: It shows Chuck playing a hunter (with a white tiger pet). Which was nice enough at the time, but now that the game actually gets a monk class, the hunter is obviously the wrong class to be shown doing all these martial arts manoeuvres. So Blizzard decided to work on a new version, using the original "real" film combined with new in-game footage: It will show Chuck Norris as a pandaren monk kicking down enemies and scenery from the new pandaren starting zones. They hope to release that shortly after Mists of Pandaria.

That makes sense.

All those people rolling hunters expecting a melee class must have wept many tears.
and after that you argue with me that wow is not a comedy game at its core :)As I said before it may always had some comedy here and there (Haris Pilton, Harrison Jones) but never was a comedy at its core and never [B]advertised[/B] like that, until now of course..
IMO there's a difference between "comedy" and "light". WoW includes pop culture references to connect with its demographic, not to make everyone laugh while they play.

WoW does not take itself too seriously, but the core themes and stories are heroic and dramatic, not comedy or farce.
I wonder if that whacky political video that Chuck and his wife made will put a hold on the Chuck/WoW relationship?
Please tell me you're joking Tobold. Chuck Norris was already outdated by the time they released the original clip. It would just be painfully stupid to try to reintroduce Norris.
Yeah, just some satire I thought of when I saw the Chuck Norris video on Curse again.
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