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Tuesday, September 25, 2012
Once again into the fray

I made a pandaren monk this morning and called him "Fungku" (as World of Warcraft doesn't allow "Fung Ku" nor "FungKu". My plans for Mists of Pandaria are:
  • Play that monk to at least level 20
  • Play my priest from level 85 to 90
  • Do the accessible dungeons and scenarios
  • Check out pet battles, farming, and other new features
I'll probably be finished with it before Christmas.

I think that should be "once more into the fray"
With all the lag last night, I quickly gave up on looking at a thousand choppers trying to take off simultaneously and jumped into the pet battles instead. I must admit I was surprised. It's only a "frills" feature, of course, but it felt really fun and was actually both tactical and quite difficult (at least if you fight against opponents a couple of levels above your own pets' levels. Nice!

all these people here wait for a single mob to spawn to kill it. took me 40 minutes there for a single quest...I hate leveling in wow and I use whatever I can (addons, guides) to make it as fast as possible...

The world is not interesting or beautiful to explore like in GW2 and Lotro..the gameplay (tag mobs, resource steal) is also frustrating. I only need to go to 90 just to be able to play dungeons and raids with my friends..And btw today I am logging back to GW2. I ll wait a week or a month to play MoP to avoid these stupid moments. I am not a muppet
Well, I had a WSG run about two hours ago with six monks on one side.

This feels like Wrath with the DKs.

called him "Fungku"

You're part of the problem, not the solution.
Disappointed in your name as well. I respect that you take your RPG play a bit more seriously than others. Why would you choose such a cynical and profane name?
I for once loved the makes perfect sense...why to find a serious name on something that have introduced as a comedy?
Frankly, I think everybody who takes World of Warcraft seriously should see a psychiatrist. It never was more than a game, and it is not a "roleplaying" game by any definition of the word which would make sense to a pen & paper roleplayer.

Standing with Fungku next to Haris Pilton will make perfect sense.
I have been pondering whether to reactivate my sub. But in light of GW2, WoW suddenly seems like a bad value. Which is strange because until I met GW2's business model, WoW seemed like the best value out there.
OMFG You hate GW2 because you went back to WoW! (I wanted to be the first to say it)

I like the name, and I still don't understand WHEN WoW was considered serious. I don't think these people realize how childish it was even during "Vanilla" for some of us MMO gamers who had been around for awhile before it.
Tobold, as an English speaker, the name sounds like a deliberate allusion to profanity, as in f*** u. Do you see it? It is not a mere reversal of words as in Hilton Paris.

Oh well, I'm sure the name will be popular with a certain crowd. :)

I logged on last night and tried to do the starting quests. It took over an hour before the initial rush of players moved on and I was able to continue. Not fun, not at all. We eventually did an instance and that went well. So overall nothing great but still better than GW2!
I decided early on to go straight for pet battles. I was pleasantly surprised also! Pokemonesque....but enjoyable.

After I leveled up several pets to level 10, a couple of hours had slipped by, then I decided to try my luck in the Jade Forest and it wasn't too bad at that time!

Enjoy MOP!
I'm waiting for the pet battles myself, from a system points of view.
1. Shawno: Yeah, because Haris Pilton is such an ironic wink at the international chain. Blizzard really sticking it to them there. ;) And really, I wouldn't have caught the "fuck you" likeness in a thousand years.

2. One interesting thing with the starting zone right now is that the mobs spawn really quickly, often making for frantic and actually quite challenging gameplay. I am not sure if that's as intended or if it's just a result of the increased spawn rate due to the zone's popularity. It has been great for my tank toons though, and especially fun for me and my wife. Questing together has been quite dull for a long while, but in the Jade Forest, it has really been quite useful.

3. It seems to me that Blizzard has tried to respond to the "bears bears bears" problem through map design. I don't know if this is new or old, but I get the feeling that we are now more than before being shuttled between questing hubs through routes that avoid the upcoming quest "targets". So we won't have ten bear pelts when we get to the quest giver. But maybe I notice just because I am thinking about it more now. Anyway, it strikes me as good design – and it does help keeping me immersed in the game world.

In GW2, by contrast, I get a distinct feeling of too much automation with the way the hearts work. Sure, the scouts work like quest givers, but if you run past them or bounce into an area from the wrong side, you can complete a quest and get rewards without even meeting the people who you are helping. I know none of this is about "realism", but the disconnect is a bit unsettling for me. It's like what Callan S wrote in a comment yesterday: it really does help if you understand why your character should care.
In Jade Forest one Horde quest sends you to kill "Dook Ookem", who is a gorilla throwing barrels at you. Two funny video game references in one NPC. One has to be surprised at the level of cognitive dissonance of the people pretending WoW is serious.
My plans are pretty much the same. I expect to be busy for a month or two, maybe three.

If I like the monk I might level her further, haven't seen any of the cataclysm content yet.
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