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Sunday, October 28, 2012
Project: Gorgon

Yeebo has a detailed description of the indie MMO Project: Gorgon in its pre-alpha state. There appear to be a lot of interesting new ideas in the game. But I'm an old cynic and not very optimistic that the game will make it to release: The Kickstarter of Project: Gorgon is just 5 days away from the deadline, and only has about 20% gathered of the $55,000 needed. Not many people believe you can make a MMORPG for $55k, but if you want to make a charitable donation to a man with a dream ...

I hope this one makes it. Eric's insights into MMOs shows he really gets them and the innovations he has in mind for Project Gorgon could lead to a very enjoyable game.
It looks pretty interesting, though perhaps the level-ups will have to be doled out more sparingly in the real thing.
Looks (looked?) promising on paper but I can see why it did not fly: when you watch the video, it really misses any kind of "whoah, cool!" factor.

Sure, more money (Kickstart) means better graphics and new things to see, I absolutely understand that. But the current status of the game -visually speaking- is horrible. And unless you grab a LOT of mature gamers who see the potential and decide to invest in the project... well, no way to reach the goal.

I've added the guys RSS to my reader and I've been reading his updates for the last 5 months +.

Can't say I don't share Tobold's attitude as to chance for it to actually fly. Eric does seem very knowledgeable but I doubt a 90s MMO will get a lot of traction in 2012.
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