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Thursday, November 15, 2012
How to lose subscribers

If you wanted to come up with a method to lose the maximum number of subscribers to your game, a character wipe must already figure high on the list of things to do. But Aventurine figured that this might not yet be enough to stop the last few thousand players from playing Darkfall. So they went the extra mile and decided to shut down the old Darkfall this week, while postponing the start of the new Darkfall into at least next month. I'm sure they can extend that if necessary, they do have experience with that.

At least they will have loyal ol' syncaine playing for a couple of months ..... then he will cry about something and quit again.
Allow me to summarize syncaine's response to this post: "Lies!"
The developers are hardcore killer pvpers. Of course they killed everyone.
Do I detect ... schadenfreude? :)
What's a Darkfall?

In other news Glitch is shutting down.

to quote the headline - "Glitch closing down, cites limited audience"

This is why it's easy to always debate relative worth of media... but it's real hard to make money. In Hollywood they say "talk is cheap".
"Glitch closing down, cites limited audience"

The "limited audience" being defined as "people willing to play non-violent MMORPGs". I wouldn't discuss "relative worth", but somewhere there is a sad message in this.
I wonder if Glitch would have worked as a sub game.
Darkfall closing then reopening sometime later? /okay

Glitch closing? Sad day indeed, even if i only logged there once in a few months.

I think they had good enough community to work as sub game. They even had eve-like skill progression, which could be expanded to provide "unlimited" progression with a few tweaks to make subscription feel worthwhile.

But i guess changing from F2P to subscription is unheard of.
The "limited audience" being defined as "people willing to play non-violent MMORPGs". I wouldn't discuss "relative worth", but somewhere there is a sad message in this.

I'm not sure it's just that. I found Glitch entertaining in small bursts, but even folk that enjoy games like the Harvest Moon series seemed to often find it incredibly boring. The game had some potential to strike to explorationist and completionist trends, but to a very large extent it really didn't give many different things to explore or variety in completion. There were hundreds if not thousands of 'streets' -- but the overwhelming majority followed a mere handful of general designs and the 'strange' areas like Ix or Uralia were fairly rare exceptions in contrast to the four zones worth of generic not-African plains. There's a boatload of Achievement badges, but sitting down to actually get any of them involved more watching a progress bar move and spamming meditate than anything unusual or requiring more complicated planning.

That leaves one last Bartle type, and while the new house and yard design was a step forward in allowing characters to build a world, it came fairly late and required a lot of time playing (and worse, not-playing, thanks to the mechanics of learning many skills) to get to it.

The exceptionally high minimum cost of maintenance is another issue. Forum posts are pointing to nearly half a million dollars a month in upkeep costs. Even with fairly low cost of design for new content, that's a lotta cash for a game where the only subscription benefits were funny hats or slightly different appearances for beds.
Oh I hadn't heard Glitch was closing. I tried to get into the beta when I wasn't playing any other games and it could have taken a lot of my time. By the time I actually got an invite I'd already started playing other games. I did play for a little while but at one stage I went through a portal and ended up in what felt like an endless loop of lands which I couldn't get out of. It really put me off.
Well, it's an opportunity to find out how much of their subscriber base is people who never look at their billing statements.

Allow me to summarize syncaine's response to this post: "Lies!"

Well, syncaine sold his ass to Aventurine, so of course he is in denial. And any post I can make that has syncaine foaming from the mouth is "mission accomplished" in my book. Not that that is actually a challenge, the guy's buttons are extremely easy to press. But it still has the same sort of silly pleasure as pressing the button of a jack-in-the-box.
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I thought the Darkfall community supported the wipe and stuff.
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