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Tuesday, June 04, 2013
How is Scrolls like an MMORPG?

Servers are down on beta release day, of course. Well done, Mojang! Who would have thought that you could sell a beta of a trading card game / board game hybrid for $20 and get so much interest that the servers can't handle it? Currently it is impossible to buy Scrolls, I'll have to wait until they fix the store.

Well I don't think we could expect something different, come on.

Even Blizzard and EA were unable to handle the masses (Diablo3 and Simcity launch days).

UPDATE - The link is working fine, right now (I'm inside the checkout page).
I'm impressed that not only is there a site where you can buy a beta, but people are actually talking about such a concept.
They're doing the same as what they did with Minecraft i.e. you're buying the game early at a discounted price which allows you into the beta.
I'm quite looking forwards to giving this a go.
@ Gerry

Selling beta stuff is quite common nowadays. You basically pay for a first release that will be constantly updated over time (calling it beta is a good excuse to justify bugs and lacking features too).

Google products keep the beta status for years, usually (they are free in theory, yes, but they monetize thanks to us, the real product).

At least they are honest. World of Warcraft has been in beta for 9 years (ask any Hunter out there... I was one of them). Any other MMO works the same way.
Tobold, I had the same problem as you not being able to get the store to load. The fix is to confirm your Mojang account.
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