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Sunday, August 04, 2013
Card Hunter beta keys

I frequently recommended Card Hunter, a turn-based tactical role-playing game with a combat system based on cards. Now Card Hunter is expanding their closed beta and sent out beta keys to the current participants. Note that this is a closed beta, so there will be at least one more reset before the release version. Nevertheless the item shop is open, and if you buy and spend their virtual currency "pizza" now, you'll get that pizza back at the start of release.

New beta key hand-out in this new thread!

So far just the tutorial has been really fun. The concept really does keep these battles interesting. Lets see how this goes once I get further into the game.
Looks promising. May I have one please?
Sure, just write me an e-mail!
i sent you an email through google plus
I almost regret getting that beta key, this thing is a real productivity killer...
Hey thanks for the key! I bought some pizzas early as you suggested and so far it's been great!

I like the variety in abilities and the general vibe of the game... the inventory is getting kinda cluttered right now though...

And this is definietely no walk in the park... I had to redo one of the early missions (prison break map 2)... This kind of challenge so early in the game is definetely refreshing...

It is a fun little game. I got a key from @Kadomi. I don't know how I'll fit in all my Steam Summer buys around this and WoW.
I really want a key, may I have one please?
I can't hand out beta keys in the comment section, write me an e-mail if you want one.
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