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Wednesday, June 04, 2014
Wildstar Journal - Day 4

In the Wildstar beta I was doing okay with regards to earning gold. In the release version not so much. It turns out that adventures are expensive, as you don't get any loot but a big repair bill. And I bought some AMPs on the auction house to experiment with dps and tank builds. As a result my warrior main is level 16 and doesn't have a mount yet. My idea to fix that is to level my esper alt to level 10 and start technologist crafting with him. That will allow me to craft power cores for my main, who is weaponsmith. And if I craft the cores instead of having to buy them, weaponsmithing can be very profitable.

In consequence day 4 consisted of leveling my esper (I got to level 9), and gathering plants with my warrior. The rarer plants are in the higher level part of the zone, and as you don't need a special skill to farm them, the warrior is better suited for that job. Plus he can use the seeds he finds to plant in the garden of his house.

So I was with my esper in the starting village of Deradune when I read a system message reminding me that it was launch day. On the first day of the head start that village was packed full with people. Today it was nearly deserted. Launch day was a complete non-event for Wildstar. Apparently nobody buys games in boxes any more, so there was no reason for anyone to be there at launch, but not for the head start.

On the one side the absence of players helped my esper with his challenges. On the other side he had problems finding other players for the group "wanted" quests. And somehow I find it a bit worrying if the starting zone of a game is already deserted on launch day. It seems everybody has rushed on into the higher level zones. Pretty soon nobody will be leveling in Wildstar any more.

It will go f2p for sure. We just have to wait. It seems it will not take much time...
The question is, will it be cheaper to play once it becomes f2p or actually more expensive...
The reason launch day was uneventful was, you only cam get it digital in the US. Only EU had physical copies. Why wait until launch and not get the preorder goodies? It might have been a mistake to not have physical copies, but they saved a ton of cash that way. Also, I don't understand the fetish people have at praying for MMOs to go F2P. As long as they keep up with their promise for MASSIVE monthly updates, I'm happy paying a sub. No F2P game provides that without baiting G you into their cash shop.
I understand some of the servers have locked character creation because they are full.

You might be playing on a server where no new characters are being created because it is full.
I'm not familiar with Wildstar, but can you sell power cores? if so, it is likely that simply selling them would be more profitable than using them as ingredients in another profession.

Again, I'm not familiar with the game, but you sound as if your intentions hinge on the "if I gather my own materials, they're free - therefore I can make money crafting" fallacy.
you sound as if your intentions hinge on the "if I gather my own materials, they're free - therefore I can make money crafting" fallacy.

The quality of the power core determines the quality of the item you can craft from it. The power cores a technologist can make are two quality levels higher than then ones you can buy from a vendor. So using technologist cores I can make better weapons that sell better on the AH.
WildStar has had a very successful launch.

Its business model is like launched f2p.

You just have to work for it.
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