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Friday, July 04, 2014
Get disappointed in your life

The title of this post is the label of the Steam Calculator, an online tool that calculates the value of your Steam game library. Here are my results:

Worth: 2495,32€ (808,04€ with sales)
Games owned: 188
Games not played: 134 (71%)
Hours spent: 988.6h

You can see where my recently mentioned reluctance to buy any more Steam games on sale is coming from: 71% of the games in my library are unplayed. The thousand hours played appears low, but I do have a laptop with Steam installed in offline mode to play some games, so the number might not be complete.

The one value that I would take with a large grain or shovel-full of salt is the first one, the "Worth". This is actually what it would cost me to buy those 188 games today. I'm not 100% sure where the "with sales" value is coming from, maybe they do have a list of the lowest price every game was ever on sales for. What the number certainly doesn't reflect is what price I paid for these games. Because some games I bought on release, where they were cheaper. Others I bought at some sale. So my real spent money might be anywhere between the 808 € with sales number and a number which is even higher than the current worth of the games.

If you want, feel free to post your Steam Calculator results in the comment section. If you consider that data to be private and don't want anybody to know, you might be interested to hear that right now everybody who knows your Steam name can look up this information. You would have to go to your Steam account settings and change your Steam account profile from public to private to hide the information from the world.

Am I disappointed in my life? Certainly not because of the Steam Calculator. What that shows is that I have more money than time. And seeing on my Steam account that I've been on Steam for 6 years already, and given my disposable income, 2500€ is certainly not a worrisome amount of money for me. The Steam Calculator only tells me what I already knew, that I should tread softly with Steam sales, and spend more time actually playing the games I already bought.

630 hours
21% unplayed

I don't think it's THAT accurate thoug. It doesn't count sales/bundles and of course it doesn't know how much time you idle (alt tab, tipically).
Tobold, there is an addon for your favorite browser over here.
It can calculate how much you really spent on those games of yours in addition to a great deal of other features.
Worth: 404,75€ (111,25€ with sales)
Games owned: 29
Games not played: 5 (17%)
Hours spent: 204.7h

I'm fine with these figures. As I am a 'sales only' shopper I got 1.8h playtime per 1€ (Tobold's ratio is 1.22h/1€) :)

2361 hours
32% unplayed
Worth 1775€ (sale price 550€)

Looking at my unplayed game list, a few specific things pop up:
*Bundles, especially Valve's own. I think I bought a bundle that contained one of Half-Life 2's episodes, and it contained all of the HL1 stuff as well. Expansion packs, official mods, the works.
*HD remakes that included the original game.
*Old games that I've played a lot that only recently got Steam versions.
Worth: 3942,41€ (1287,75€ with sales)
Games owned: 347
Games not played: 164 (47%)
Hours spent: 1,452.3h
Worth: $2131.31 ($677.81 with sales)
Games owned: 185
Games not played: 129 (70%)
Hours spent: 3,121.6h

I'm pretty good about mainly buying on sales, I can only remember a handful of games that I bought at more than half off. The games played is skewed by the number of games I got in bundles that I purchased mainly for one of two games. And the hours played is definitely low because they didn't start tracking hours until just the last few years. For instance it shows no hours at all for any of my Half-life 2 content, and Borderlands only has a paltry 70 hours on the clock, I spent months playing that game.
Games owned 636
Games not played 439 (69%)
Games not in store 29
Hours spent 1,727.4h
This account is worth 6507,62€. If all games were bought on sale, it would be 2210,11€.

I should play more and buy less...
Eh, this isn't a sign of disappointment unless you look at your Steam profile and think, "I could really have used that money for something else." That said....gotcha all beat:

Worth: $7233.15 ($2635.37 with sales)
Games owned: 586
Games not played: 150 (26%)
Hours spent: 1,459.6h

The figure is weird, though. I logged into Fallout 3 for close to two hundred hours before I bought a $5 special on Steam just to have it account attached, for example. And I have bought humble bundles with 20+ games in them just to play two games. That said....I have no regrets beyond the fact that new Steam sales just don't offer me much since I already have most of it....
Hmm, says $90.92 ($24.17 with sales). Not sure how they figure out the sales but my actual spend was $8.00 + $4.00 + whatever Half-life 2 cost when it launched (more than the $9.99 it appears to cost now). Everything else I actually got for free at one time or another.

I think 3 purchases on an account that is more than 10 years old accurately reflects how much I dislike Steam.
Worth: $9807.08 ($3558.73 with sales)
Games owned: 893
Games not played: 472 (53%)
Hours spent: 2,848.8h

Doesn't feel like I spend that much time though. Mostly working. But I admit I'm a bit of a games buying addict. Currently trying to rehab myself though.
It looks like i have spent a whooping .38 cents per hour for the last 306 hours of video games via steam, and the only reason I have 3 games unplayed is due to the fact I wanted to see how fast I could download them once Google Fiber is installed.* *
Worth:* $394.83 ($119.18 with sales)
* *Games owned:* 17
* *Games not played:* 3 **(18%)**
* *Hours spent:* 306.4h
* *Worth:* 4153,41€ (1490,85€ with sales)
* *Games owned:* 331
* *Games not played:* 92 **(28%)**
* *Hours spent:* 3,137.6h

I see though that many of the games that I bought and played on Steam before they started recording the time played show up as not played. Also a few betas show up there. If I counted those that I absolutely KNOW that I've played the Steam version I'm up to 8 games that haven't registered any time. That's games like Portal, The Ship and Half-Life 2 which as far as I remember required Steam on release. I'm quite certain that there are a few more games I've played on Steam also.

But there are lots of them that I've played outside Steam and just bought at some sale just to have them there and never played.
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