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Saturday, February 21, 2015

A reader alerted me to another bad news about Everquest Next: I won't have artificially intelligent NPCs powered by the Storybricks system any more. So if we ever see a game called EQN, it will probably be a boring WoW-clone that works like all the other boring WoW-clones out there. They ditched the dynamic system that was going to make EQN different, and now will just exploit the Everquest brand with something unoriginal.

Is there any good news anywhere in the MMORPG sphere Tobold? We need something to take our mind off of EQN's tailspin.
WoW clone works for me. Sadly I think it will be more of a console-stle Action RPG.

Well, Terry Michaels said they didn't throw all the Storybricks work away. Whether or not you have reason to doubt his statement is one thing, but the story you linked doesn't fully support your statement.
Innovation goes from 'oh wow, it's nice to have this new thing!' to 'you have nothing new! You exploiter!'?

Further, when are corporations out to give you a big hug and look after you?

Is innovation really the issue here?
Not a surprise. The new owners seem to be damn sure they're going for maximum profit for minimum investment.

Well, the article seems to say they're canning Storybricks but keeping the work done.

OF course that's probably horseshit, but then again the whole concept reeks of vaporware. Either it'll turn out to be ludicrously complicated, or very disappointing in reality, or both.
Shame. I read some nice stuff about Storybricks before it was going to be used in EQNext. It was one of the things which could help it to be different.

Maybe some other game can (re)use the Storybricks engine...
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