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Saturday, May 16, 2015 Launcher

Not much blogging this week as I am traveling. I must say that the launcher is a big improvement when you are away from home: I get to play World of Warcraft without having to take my authenticator with me, something I was always reluctant to due to the danger of losing it. Of course now somebody stealing my laptop could theoretically access my account, but I'm pretty certain that laptop thieves and WoW account thieves are two very different types of criminals with not much overlap.

In any case, even at home I am happy that I don't have to enter my password and authenticator code every time I log in. Logon screens are so last year!

You still need to have your authenticator handy, as it will occasionally ask for it.
It will ask every 30 days. I'm not traveling that long.
Doesn't it ask more often if you log in from different IPs? You could get the authenticator app on your cell and use that while traveling, but that doesn't really avoid losing it.

Personally I don't play anywhere else than my own pc. My account is 10 years old and I would really hate to lose my characters.

About the launcher: nice software with one big problem. It needs flash to work correctly. When youtube started using html5 to show videos I deinstalled flash and good riddance. But updating the games needs flash, there isn't even any error message it just doesn't update without flash. Un/installing flash every patch gets a little aggrivating.
This is the case for GW2 the launcher and click play. Done.
I like the systems that use your mobile phone as an authentication device (either via text or using an app). It means that someone would have to steal both your phone and your laptop to get access. Of course it would be a pain in the neck if you actually lose your phone but there are failsafes to help you deal with that.
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