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Thursday, July 02, 2015
Milestone reached

Yesterday I made a strategic error in World of Warcraft. I had reached revered with 2 out of 3 factions in the Tanaan Jungle, and was just missing the Order of the Awakened. But they only have one daily quest to gain reputation, and it is one I didn't particularly like: Kill 10 rares or find 10 treasures. I had already run out of treasures. And apparently the arena in Fangri'La had been fixed to not count more than once per day for this quest. Only the champions of Hellfire have premade groups made for them, so the other rares is a question of camping or running around trying to find one that has spawned and not been killed. Even with the basic hunter crystal it is tedious work.

The problem was that I hadn't read the small print in the flying announcement and thought that the earlier I got to revered, the earlier I would get to fly. So seeing that I had tons of gold, and that the medallions of the legion had dropped to just over 12k each, I bought 4 medallions yesterday for 50k gold and reached Tanaan Diplomat and Draenor Pathfinder. It was only then that I read on the pathfinder achievement that I would be able to fly "in an upcoming patch". Damn, I should have just done it slow and saved 50k gold. Not that it really matters, I have too much of the stuff anyway, even after paying for WoW tokens.

At least today I got some good news: Blizzard had discovered that many people disliked the naval missions for being pretty much useless and too slow, and hotfixed them to make them more attractive. It has become easier to get battleships, requiring just friendly instead of honored reputation, the 2 day missions have been shortened to 18 hours, and the rewards in gold and apexis crystals have been doubled. I already liked naval missions before (being less impatient), and had already gotten iLevel 685 gear from them once, so I never thought of them as useless. But of course less waiting and more rewards and easier access for alts is better.

I now just need to work on getting all the equipment unlocked. Yesterday my main waited in a LFR queue for Hellreach for over half an hour, just to get the equipment blueprint from the second boss there. I'm only missing one blueprint for him now. But my alts are far less advanced, because again getting blueprints frequently means camping rare spawns. And only the really big ones like the shark have premade groups you can join.

Anyway, having reached the milestone of the flying achievement, I don't feel compelled to do certain things for reputation any more, and can go back to a more leisurely pace. Which is just as well, as I'll be on summer holidays soon, and will only play WoW occasionally on my laptop.

I tried LFR but had to wait more than 1 hour. By the time I will be able to run just ONE LFR I'll be already fully 695 equipped (via apexis crystals). Which will rendere the LFR useless (apart from a pure exploration/lore point of view)
I tried LFR but had to wait more than 1 hour.

Note that this is a problem of everybody wanting to play DPS. I can get into a LFR group much faster with my priest as healer. And a tank can find a group instantly.
DPS times have always been longer but I've never experienced 1 hour or more. It's annoying, because you can queue while doing the dailies but in that case you can't group with other people or -that's vital- realm-hop for ultra-fast rares/champions killing. If it wasn't for the realm-hopping addon I wouldn't waste the time to search 10 rares every day.
IIRC, the person who the dev tweeted about who was the only one in the world to get that boss got the rep to get the hunter stone via buying MoH. (Do MoH work on 90s? Cause then you could buy the MoH, buy a char boost, and use them to go from level 1 to exalted with all 6 reps in minutes.) The first person I read about got exalted for 450k.

I asked on blizzardwatch and they pointed out that a recent dev interview said 4-6 weeks for pathfinder patch so I have been more leisurely since I know my quests/week number. But I bet it has been easier to find groups now than in a month.

BS at friendly is huge for alts. Although I expect most days I will have a dozen crafting alts who won't be running SY missions due to lack of oil due to not grinding a daily. But at least they will have Battleships. The original blizzardwatch article said no LFR for those plans, but people are getting them, so great. Another very welcome change to SY for alts.

Apparently you get the pathfinder mount now, so u can use that to ride around on to do dailies.
Riding the Soaring Skyterror on the ground makes me seasick. :)
Managed to sell 7 medallions so far, 15K each more or less. Nice easy money for a minimum effort. It could be that the day flying gets back to Draenor... people will go craazy for these tokens and will spend a fortune on them, who know. I still have to decide if I'll keep the next ones or just sell again.
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