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Friday, August 07, 2015
Card Hunter everywhere

Two years ago I blogged about how much I loved Card Hunter. I still think it is a great game, but of course after having played it for a good amount of hours in 2013, I stopped playing at some point, then played something else, and promptly forgot about Card Hunter. Now the game is back on my playing schedule, because there are lots of news and new versions.

On the PC you can now get Card Hunter on Steam. That version is identical to the browser version, and you can link accounts and use the account from the browser or Kongregate for the Steam version. Simultaneously the game got a second expansion, Expedition to the Sky Citadel, raising the level to 21. So far so good, but that isn't actually the version I am playing today.

Because this week Card Hunter came to iOS under the name Loot & Legends, and made by a different company. Loot & Legends takes many aspects of Card Hunter, like the combat system and the story of Gary, Karen, and Melvin. But it changes the map, and the cards, so it feels much like a new game. The only disadvantage is that, while you can still perfectly play the game for free, a month of "Club Membership" which gives you better loot has effectively doubled in price from $10 in Card Hunter to $20 in Loot & Legends. On the other hand you can now buy the membership in much shorter blocks of time (1 day and 7 days), so if for example you only play on weekends it'll cost you less than $20 per month ($1.50 to $2 per day depending on how much currency you buy, so still more than $10).

So if you haven't played Card Hunter yet, I'd probably recommend the PC version on Steam rather than Loot & Legends on iOS.

I wonder why they decided to change the name for the ios version. That seems odd.
The version has some significant changes, and you can't play both on the same account. So I guess changing the name may stop some people from making the wrong assumption. It won't prevent complaints from those who buy before reading, but at least the developers will be able to point out that they should have known!

The Steam version is the same as the original, however, and you can keep the same account.
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